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WellPutt 26' Pro Putting Mat

The innovative WellPutt Putting Mat was designed to be used both indoors and outdoors to sharpen the golfer's feel, direction and alignment in putting, such an integral part of the game. This award-winning training aid is original, innovative and effective for all golfers, no matter their skill level. This mat rolls at about a 10 on the stimp meter and no grain, both ways. The design of Wellputt Mat has been based on the theories of Alain Berthoz who advanced the hypothesis that " The memory of space in fact calls on a memory of movement, this being based on body movements associated with visual points of reference"


Defined mapping of space

In creating a defined mapping of space between the golfer and the hole (the lines on the mat) associated with a repetition of studied and determined movements (the exercises), Welling putt offers the golfer a routine of exercises allowing him or her to sub-consciously acquire a key movement accompanied by perfectly adapted speed and strike control.

Pratical visualization

For the first time a training mat proposes a practical visualization of the distances represented by the different zones on the mat. In its association with structured and supervised exercises, the brain memorizes movement, strength and speed of stroke, in function with each designated zone of space. The proposed exercises thus offer a perfect learning technique and a spatial memorization which the golfer will sub-consciously use when in a real game of golf, these data being neurologically assimilated.A good putt is the result of a good aim and the right speed. This is why WellingPutt was designed with two directions of play; Aim & Feeling.

The concept of the Welling putt mat:

For the first time ever, you will have to pass the hole and finish behind in the "welling putt zone" or the "good putt zone"


  • 1 putting mat
  • Training book with 54 exercises provided according to your game level over three 18 hole rounds (evaluation of level, confirmed, professional) in order to accompany your progress at your own rhythm
  • 3 score card booklets when playing amongst friends, or to mark up your own progress chart
  • In order to stimulate the player and stay in the excellence, Wellputt included 3 Z Star Srixon balls (professional use). It is very important to use the same ball during the training, the feeling of register will get back on the green.

Wellputt 26' Pro Putting Mat

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