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U.S. Kids Juniors' Ultralight DV2 Driver

The 2nd generation U.S. Kids Juniors Ultralight DV2 Driver is designed with an optimized head weight and size so that a player's golf swing can naturally develop with power. It is engineered for longer and straighter shots.


  • Player's Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Designed for improved performance
  • Ultralight head
  • K-Flex graphite shaft
  • Headcover not included

Fitting Guide:

Size:Color:Optimal Height Range:Ideal for Swing Speeds Up To:Model:Volume:Loft:Finished Club Length:Grip:
UL 39Red39" to 42"WT-30u (30% lighter club head)210 cc22°26 in.Size 39
UL 42Yellow42" to 45"WT-25u (25% lighter club head)240 cc20°28 in.Size 42
UL 45Blue45" to 48"WT-25u (25% lighter club head)240 cc20°30 in.Size 45
UL 48Teal48" to 51"WT-20u (20% lighter club head)280 cc18°32 in.Size 45
UL 51Orange51" to 54"53 MPHWT-20u (20% lighter club head)280 cc18°34 in.Size 51
UL 54Purple54" to 57"58 MPHWT-15u (15% lighter club head)320 cc16°36 in.Size 54
UL 57Green57" to 60"63 MPHWT-15u (15% lighter club head)320 cc16°38 in.Size 54
UL 60Maroon60" to 63"68 MPHWT-10u (10% lighter club head)360 cc14°40 in.Size 60
UL 63Dark Yellow63" to 66"73 MPHWT-10u (10% lighter club head)360 cc14°42 in.Size 63

U.S. Kids Juniors’ Ultralight DV2 Driver

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