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US Kids Girls' Ultralight AV2 10 Club Cart Bag Set

Designed especially for women! Ultralight for Women is for beginning to intermediate women and is available in two unique sizes 60 and 63 (player heights 60” to 66”). The same technology that we developed to fit young players into the perfect clubs is also available for women. Ultralight for Women is designed to help develop swing speed and hit the ball farther, higher, and straighter. Each clubhead is 10% lighter than women’s clubheads with a proprietary graphite shaft that makes swinging the club easier.


  • Optimal Player Height Range: 60 to 63 Inches
  • Designed specifically for women with a beginner to intermediate skill level
  • AV2 Model (10% Lighter Club Heads)
  • Cart Bag
  • Headcovers Included
  • Ball pocket can be removed for customization

Set Includes:

  • Driver - 40" club length, 15-degree loft, 400cc head volume
  • 3 Wood - 39" club length, 22-degree loft
  • 4 Hybrid - 37" club length, 32-degree loft
  • 6 Iron - 35.5" club length, 36 degree loft
  • 7 Iron - 35" club length, 40 degree loft
  • 8 Iron - 34.5" club length, 44 degree loft
  • 9 Iron - 34" club length, 48 degree loft
  • Pitching Wedge - 33.5" club length, 52 degree loft
  • Sand Wedge - 33" club length, 56 degree loft
  • Putter - 30.5" club length


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US Kids Girls' Ultralight AV2 10 Club Cart Bag Set

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