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Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Hybrid

The “straight from the tour van” Exotics Pro 721 Fairway is a Limited-Edition small batch production of three 3-Wood lofts that is being offered to the public in only 1000 total pieces.

The Pro 721 was designed to be a low-spinning rocket for faster swingers seeking a more compact head with a deeper face.

The Exotics Pro 721 Fairway features tour-inspired shape with a tour-prototype look and feel that features a new matte finish Ridgeback support system on the crown.

Exotics clubs have been in play by over 120 different PGA TOUR players with over 1,600 Exotics clubs in play on the three PGA Tours over the past few seasons.

The Pro 721 metals were designed with the feedback from those PGA TOUR professionals.


    • Tour-Inspired Shape - The deeper face, shorter heel to toe and compact front to back is the ideal shape for the best players in the world. Designed for maximum workability, the Pro 721 Fairway features a slightly smaller 155cc tour preferred head size on the three lofts of 3-Wood offered. The compact head ensures a low spin, penetrating ball flight.
    • Extreme Heel and Toe Flight Tuning System - The clubhead features a Flight Tuning System (F.T.S.)adjustable heel (3 grams) and toe (15 grams) weights on the sole. Adjusting the F.T.S. dual weights in these ports that are placed to the extreme heel and toe of the clubhead can drastically affect ball flight and shaping shots in this compact, low-spin design.
    • Ridgeback Support System and Dual Carbon Wings - The Ridgeback spine within the Carbon Fiber crown acts as a brace to produce more power on center hit and allows for greater face flex in the heel and toe, meaning off-center hits achieve greater power and ball speed.

      Ridgeback replaces extra titanium from the crown and sole with wrap-around Dual Carbon Wings that allowed for a precise and strategically placed Tour-level CoG location, moving as much weight as possible to a low-forward position that produces the lowest possible amount of spin for faster swing speeds.
    • Diamond Face 2.0 Technology - The Pro 721 Fairway utilizes Diamond Face 2.0 technology, a major breakthrough in face technology that features 43 different thick and thin diamond shapes or “mini-trampolines” behind the face. This produces full-face forgiveness with faster ball speeds on off-center hits. Diamond Face also contributes to the reduction of spin in the club head.
  • Sound Diffusion Panels - Sound Diffusion Panels are placed strategically inside the club head vastly improves the acoustic engineering of the entire new Pro 721 metalwood line up.

Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Fairway

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