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SeeMore Black Model B Putter

SeeMore’s new PVD Classic Series Model B brings the look of a classic heel and toe weighted blade to the FGP family, with the mid back flange weight block of the Original FGP being repositioned into enhanced heel and toe weighting. A lighter weight milled aluminum insert also enhances feel and balance. The model B is accurate and forgiving. The model B putter is face balanced at impact or “balanced to plane”, meaning it's dynamically balanced throughout the stroke and naturally returns to square at impact, with less manipulation required during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Straight shaft. Full toe hang. Design and functionality are completely unique to SeeMore, with design making it very easy to properly release the putter head. Cast 303 stainless steel featuring milled aluminum face. New hand polished charcoal PVD smoke finish for a very rich look. All Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. SeeMore was the winning putter brand of the 2015 OPEN Championship at St. Andrews (Zach Johnson), in one of the greatest clutch putting performances in OPEN History. SeeMore putters have won 3 MAJOR Championships, also including the 2007 Masters (Zach Johnson) and the 1999 US Open (Payne Stewart).


  • SKU - P1050S
  • Standard Shaft - Black Tip Shaft
  • Custom Length - 30" - 39" - Standard or Counter Balanced Option
  • Custom Lie - 68° - 72°
  • Head Weight (grams) - 340 grams
  • Head Material - Cast 303 Stainless Steel with Aluminum Insert
  • Loft (degrees) - 2.5°
  • Length of Face - 4.6"
  • Face Depth - 1.09"
  • Depth of Flange - 1.2"
  • Face Balanced at Impact - Yes
  • Toe Hang - 90°

SeeMore Black Model B Putter

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SeeMore Black Model B Putter

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