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Training AidsPuttingPure2Improve Putting Mirror - 21 inch
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Pure2Improve 21” x 8” Putting Mirror

Pure2Improve 21” x 8” Putting Mirror helps train and engrain the proper alignment and putting stroke essential to make more putts, lower scores and handicap. Longer 21” length helps groove a longer stroke so you’re draining more long putts out on the course.

The center ball position enables a clear view of your eyes, head, and shoulder. Lines with pegs reinforce a proper arching or straight back, straight through stroke. Front gate with pegs reinforces square putter face at impact and proper putter head release. Zippered storage bag and 10 silicone pegs included.

ALIGN EVERYTHING. Center ball position enables clear overhead view to align eyes, head, and shoulders, while the mirror edge aligns stance.

PERFECT YOUR PUTTING STROKE. Train and engrain the putting stroke method that works best for you. Mirror features markings and silicon pegs groove either an arching stroke or a straight back, straight through stroke. Works for right and left-handed players.

SQUARE PUTTER FACE. Mirror features “gates” (with silicone pegs) to reinforce a square face at impact and proper release of the putter head.

SOLID BALL CONTACT. Center position with the ball on the mirror, not below it, allows the putter to strike the ball in the same spot as if you’re on a green. This enables you to practice creating the ideal roll.

SINK LONGER PUTTS. 21” length helps groove a longer stroke for those longer putts.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. Polycarbonate mirror is resistant to cracking and scratches.

ZIPPERED CARRY BAG. A convenient zippered bag stores and protects the mirror and silicon pegs (10 included).

  • Product Dimensions: 21” L x 8” W x 3/16” H
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 LBS

Pure2Improve Putting Mirror - 21 inch

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