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PING Anser Hybrid Shop Worn
#2H 17 TFC 800H X-Stiff RH , #2H 17 TFC 800H Stiff RH , #2H 17 TFC 800H Regular RH , #2H 17 TFC 800H Soft Regular (Senior) RH , #3H 20 TFC 800H X-Stiff RH , #3H 20 TFC 800H Stiff RH , #3H 20 TFC 800H Regular RH , #3H 20 TFC 800H Soft Regular (Senior) RH , #4H 23 TFC 800H X-Stiff RH , #4H 23 TFC 800H Stiff RH , #4H 23 TFC 800H Regular RH , #4H 23 TFC 800H Soft Regular (Senior) RH , #5H 27 TFC 800H X-Stiff RH , #5H 27 TFC 800H Stiff RH , #5H 27 TFC 800H Regular RH , #5H 27 TFC 800H Soft Regular (Senior) RH , #2H 17 TFC 800H X-Stiff LH , #2H 17 TFC 800H Stiff LH , #2H 17 TFC 800H Regular LH , #2H 17 TFC 800H Soft Regular (Senior) LH , #3H 20 TFC 800H X-Stiff LH , #3H 20 TFC 800H Stiff LH , #3H 20 TFC 800H Regular LH , #3H 20 TFC 800H Soft Regular (Senior) LH , #4H 23 TFC 800H X-Stiff LH , #4H 23 TFC 800H Stiff LH , #4H 23 TFC 800H Regular LH , #4H 23 TFC 800H Soft Regular (Senior) LH , #5H 27 TFC 800H X-Stiff LH , #5H 27 TFC 800H Stiff LH , #5H 27 TFC 800H Regular LH , #5H 27 TFC 800H Soft Regular (Senior) LH
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PING Anser Hybrid Shop Worn

The 17-4 stainless steel Anser hybrids offer enhanced progressive CG positions and a forgiving head design to optimize launch conditions and playability from all types of lies. The Anser hybrid has a traditional shape that is slightly larger, making it more forgiving on mis-hits.

In each of the 17-4 stainless steel Anser hybrids internal and external weighting is utilized to progressively locate the CG position, optimizing it for that particular loft. In the 17º, the CG is slightly lower and farther back to help launch the ball higher while maintaining the correct spin for a strong ball flight. As the lofts increase, the CG is relatively more forward to ensure the best possible launch conditions for that club.
The lower portion of the clubface has been extended and squared off, which offers three main benefits. One, it makes aiming at your intended target more accurate and repeatable. Two, it positions mass further from the CG, driving up the MOI. And three, it positions mass lower in the clubhead, which helps to optimize the spin rate.
Open Box Specials!

This item is shop-worn and cannot be sold as brand new. In most cases this equipment is floor samples or returns. These clubs are not used or demo equipment. In some cases (but not all), Open Box Specials could exhibit minor scuffs or shop wear. The condition of the equipment in this listing is 9 (or better) on a scale of 1 to 10. The bottom line is you will SAVE a ton for NEAR-NEW merchandise. All manufacturer’s warranties still apply. is an authorized online retailer

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