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PING G410 SFT Driver 

Significant advancements in custom fitting while delivering golfers the highest MOI’s and ball speeds available highlight the new PING G410 Plus and G410 SFT drivers. The G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) model is engineered with a fixed weight positioned on the clubhead’s extreme perimeter and a 50% more heel-side CG than its predecessor to ensure straighter ball flights. A lighter swingweight (D1) further influences direction by helping square the face at impact.

Dragonfly Technology Inside:

A new “creased crown” design combines with patented Dragonfly Technology to create an ultra-thin crown structure, which saves weight for optimizing the CG location and increasing forgiveness. Together with more aggressive and efficient Turbulator Technology, the 455cc head’s crown design provides a clean, powerful and faster look at address while making alignment nearly effortless.

Forged, T9S+ Face:

The unique forging and patented heat-treatment process of the T9S+ face powers a thinner, hotter impact area that is precision machined to elevate ball speed across the entire face for more flexing and faster ball speeds. The forged face and the internal geometry of the head are instrumental in producing the powerful feel and sound of the driver.

Trajectory Tuning 2.0:

The new lightweight and aerodynamic adjustable hosel expands from five to eight settings, offering five loft-only adjustments (0, +1°, +1.5°, -1°, -1.5°) and three loft/lie combinations that provide up to a 3° flatter lie angle than standard. 

New Counter-Balanced Shaft Technology:

Continuing PING’s commitment to optimizing the entire club system, the engineering team developed the next generation of the Alta CB (counter balanced) shaft as the proprietary option in the G410 driver. The higher-launching, lightweight Alta CB Red 55 is engineered with an eight-gram counterweight in the grip end of the shaft, shifting the CG higher and allowing for more head weight to increase energy transfer and momentum – resulting in more ball speed and greater forgiveness. 


  • Head Size: 455cc
  • Loft: 10.5°
  • Std. Length: 45.75"
  • Avg. Lie Angle: 58.5°
  • Head Weight: 204g
  • Swing Weight: D1


High-trajectory, lightweight counter-balanced design with 8-gram counterweight.
  • Soft R 56g
  • R 59g
  • S 63g
  • X 66g

PING Tour 173 65
Lower launch and less spin with a stable feel.
  • R58g
  • S62g
  • X67g

Alta Distanza 40
  • Soft R 40g

"PING strongly believes that customers should be custom fit before purchasing PING Golf Clubs"

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PING G410 SFT Driver

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