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Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls

Golf balls engineered for a new generation of faster clubhead speed players.

After 99 prototypes and the most exhaustive testing, we've put a Mizuno ball through, we created the perfect duo for our next generation of tour players.

Both the RB Tour and RB Tour X feel sensationally soft at impact, as you would expect from Mizuno. Both lower spinning and efficient from the driver. With an AXIALFLOW dimple that creates a high launch from the driver (compared to other tour-type balls) and a flatter flight from the short irons (compared to other tour-type balls).

Choose RB Tour X for low driver spin and RB Tour for even lower.


  • AXIALFLOW dimple
    On full shots, the new dimple generates a higher driver flight and flatter wedge flight, when compared to other tour-level balls.
  • Just 272 dimples for a more defined look
    A larger, more defined dimple creates a more precise outline and visual effect preferred by the majority of our testers.
  • Sensationally soft feel is not everything
    A soft feel is always expected from Mizuno - but the new RB Tour cover was tested for over three years to ensure its durability is equally satisfying.
  • Our most exhaustively tested balls ever
    Mizuno set 2 R&D teams the task of working in parallel for over three years to identify the ideal balance of construction, compression, dimple configuration and cover.

Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls

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Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls

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