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Lamkin Sink Fit PU Square Top Putter Grip

The New SINKFIT PU range leverages the benefits of lightweight polyurethane combined with Lamkin’s Fingerprint technology to provide maximum playability and performance throughout, with 4 different shapes available whatever your putting stroke or preferred grip there is a model to suit any golfer. The Fingerprint Polyurethane sleeve that features on the SINKFIT PU range gives superior traction with a soft feel in hand.

With the innovative SINK FIT Polyurethane SQUARE TOP putter grip, the parallel sides and square top enhances “down-the-line” stroke control promoting squaring the putter face at impact.

The putter is used more than any club in the bag, so helping golfers find a flatstick that works for their individual games is paramount to success on the course. Lamkin is dedicated to helping our retail partners provide the best service for their customers, which is why we developed a complete range of grip shapes, surface textures and weight characteristics to provide every golfer a perfect fit using our putter grip fitting guide and putter grip fitting system.

Lamkin Sink Fit PU Square Top Putter Grip

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