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Golf Clubs

Although the time-worn history of golf has witnessed the swapping of holly-headed longnoses for triaxial carbon-fiber drivers and leather-bound spoons, niblicks, and cleeks for deftly honed irons, wedges, and putters, respectively, there’s always existed the same underlying philosophy behind golf club design: longer shafts and fatter faces for distance off the tee (or heap of sand, originally) and shorter shafts and more-intimate faces for precision when zeroing on the pin. These innovations, achieved across centuries of experimentation with design principles and materials (from ash and hazel wood to lab-crafted steel-fiber graphite), have not only increased control and forgiveness for novice and pro alike but have also made the game of golf more affordable and accessible to the casual player.

From the beginning, club-making was a specialized and time-intensive trade, rendering the clubs themselves expensive and thus reserved for royalty, such as Scotland’s own King James IV, who famously commissioned in 1502 what’s thought to be the first official set of clubs. What’s more, for decades on decades after the king’s set, it’s believed a player would break at least one club per round. Thankfully (not withstanding a mean temper coupled with a meaner slice), this is no longer the case. Novelties such as the integration of bone and, later, metal bits in club faces helped curb shattering, and metal forgers were producing full-metal niblick heads as early as the mid-18th century.

Though they still might seem almost prohibitively expensive, modern clubs—fashioned by the advancements in data analytics and club-testing equipment made through thorough research and development by industry juggernauts like Callaway, Titleist, Ping, and TaylorMade—have proven to withstand the test of time. While it may seem like some pros have a new set for each round, the weekend warrior can get more than a decade out a good set of clubs. And it’s not uncommon for the average clubhouse to have a member or two avowing to still be playing an iron set old enough to drive. This increase in durability has removed the royal reservation and allowed the game of golf to flourish among the masses as a hobby sport.

In addition to increasing durability, contemporary players are enabled to customize clubs now more than ever before, helping them tailor their sets to their individual playing style. Notably, many drivers come with adjustable heads to manipulate loft and amount of draw or fade and in various shaft flex options (e.g., junior, ladies, senior, regular, stiff, and x-stiff) help match a player’s swing speed. Standard woods, hybrids, and irons also come in the aforementioned flex options, while wedges are more concerned with variations in loft. Along with coming in too many head designs to list, putters typically come in 33, 34, or 35-inch iterations.

However, with this plurality in customizable options, there’s an increasing consensus among the golf community on the importance of players, no matter the skill level, to be professionally fit for their clubs. While knowing metrics like swing speed and body measurements can help guide golfers in fitting themselves, professionals agree each and every swing is different and it is paramount to determine whether a player relies mainly on ample acceleration to produce high torque or owns a smoother stroke following a more natural swing path. Pro fitters are trained to match clubs to players in order to maximize the utility of each and every swing and to help players get the absolute most out of their clubs.

Golf Clubs
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