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ENGAGE Elite Pro X-Series Pickleball Paddle

The standard Elite Pro has been one of the most popular paddles in the market for the past two years with its maximum power, spin capability, control and huge sweet spot. Now available in a new shape (the X-Series) providing better balance and maneuverability (control) due to lowering the center of gravity.

The new paddle has the same amazing spin capability, large sweet spot and solidity of the original Elite Pro. The same 'Chemical Bond' surface designed by Engage that hits the USAPA limits in roughness and enhances the aforementioned attributes. So why does it have a lower center of gravity and enhanced maneuverability...because the X-Series is the same shape as the Encore...which is a hair shorter than the original Elite Pro but wider. 

For any legacy Encore X-Series players. This is your new paddle. The 2nd Generation Elite Pro 'Chemical Bond' provides the paddle with as mentioned above, more spin and control, a larger sweet spot and increased solidity.

Why does Steve Kennedy, 2019 Tournament of Champion Senior Pro Doubles Silver Medalist and 2018 Senior Pro Gold Medalist have a Signature version of the original 'Elite Pro'. "The power, crisp feel and responsiveness of the Elite Pro 'Line of Paddles' gives me the confidence to raise my game to the next level"

If you like Graphite paddles, you’ll love this new skin technology (we call it liquid Graphite). The first ever 'chemically bonded' skin developed by EngagePickleball. It is quickly becoming a favorite among Graphite paddle lovers and those that prefer other types of skins too. 

The NEW 'Elite Pro' X-Series. Innovation. Creativity. Ingenuity. Exclusively by EngagePickleball. 


  • Core: 'ControlPro II' Polymer (with Vibration Control Technology)
  • Skin: Cutting-Edge ‘Chemical Bond’ (for maximum forgiveness)
  • Optimized to Pass Most Stringent Community Noise Requirements
  • Weight - 8.3 oz
  • Size: 15.5" long x 8.125" wide
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4"

Engage Encore X-Series Pickleball Paddle

Catalog ID: 600000818-BG