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Cobra LTDx Volition Driver

Through a partnership with Volition America, COBRA Golf is donating a portion of the proceeds of every Limited Edition LTDx Volition driver sold to support the families of our military heroes through the Folds of Honor Foundation.

The LTDx Driver is the first to achieve zero CGna and Xtreme MOI making it our fastest and most forgiving ever. This unique design features the perfect balance of front and back weighting, making it playable for all golfers that want the ultimate combination of low spin and stability.


  • Limited Edition Volition Headcover - A limited edition USA-themed driver isn't complete without a custom headcover to match. A soft and premium synthetic leather material features tasteful red, white and blue color accents and a Volition logo.
  • Limited Edition ALDILA ASCENT™ Shaft - COBRA Golf collaborated with ALDILA to design a one-of-a-kind patriotic red, white and blue ASCENT™ Red 60 Shaft. This mid-launch and mid-low spin structure complements the LTDx head to help you maximize launch angle while controlling spin for longer carry and total distance.
  • Lower Spin With Higher Forgiveness - PWR-COR Technology positions a substantial amount of weight low and forward for faster ball speed with reduced spin. An additional tungsten back weight takes our fastest driver and makes it extremely forgiving and playable for a wide range of players.
  • Our Hottest Face Design - A new H.O.T Face design is precisely tuned for speed using machine learning. Using data from thousands of impact simulations, we've created multiple zones with perfected thicknesses to increase ball speed across a larger area of the face.
  • Lighter & Stronger Construction - A multi-material construction features up to 30% more carbon and a lighter and more stable titanium chassis. The new design maximizes weight savings so we can position more mass low and forward in the PWR-COR to increase speed.

Tech Overview

  • PWR-COR TECHNOLOGY - PWR-COR Technology is a multi-material weighting system that positions as much weight as possible low and forward. 19 grams total (a 14g machined steel internal weight and a 5g exterior aluminum weight) is positioned right behind the hitting zone to transfer maximum speed to the golf ball at impact with reduced spin. The addition of a 15g back weight perfectly balances low spin with high launch and extreme forgiveness for longer distance.
  • H.O.T FACE TECHNOLOGY - Using machine learning and CNC machining, we've created a new variable thickness design that is precision tuned for speed. H.O.T stands for "Highly Optimized Topology." Using data from thousands of impact simulations, we've optimized thicknesses in multiple zones to maximize ball speed across a larger area of the face. These zones create visual peaks and valleys that resemble a topology map, which is how the design got its name.
  • MULTI-MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION - A multi-material construction uses a lightweight carbon crown and sole plate, and a lighter and stronger titanium chassis. The new chassis design is 8.3g lighter and allows for up to 30% more carbon fiber to be used. A lighter chassis were critical to freeing up more discretionary weight that could be positioned low and forward in the PWR-COR to increase ball speed.
  • FIXED BACK WEIGHTING - 15g of combined back weighting (10g fixed weight & a 5g tungsten weight) increases stability and promotes a higher ball flight with maximum carry distance.
  • CNC MILLED INFINITY FACE - An updated CNC Infinity Face design wraps around the leading edge to increase the zone of maximum ball speed while providing a traditional topline for improved visual alignment.


  • Lofts: 9.0° (+/- 1.5°) & 10.5° (+/- 1.5°)
  • Lie Angle: 57.50° (9.0°) / 58.50° (10.5°)
  • Adjustability: Fixed Back
  • Length: 45.5"
  • Swing Weight: D3
  • Grip: Lamkin Crossline 360 (58R) - Black (48g)

Cobra LTDx Volition Driver

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Cobra LTDx Volition Driver

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