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Cobra KING 3D Printed Grandsport-35 Armlock Putter

The KING Grandsport-35 Armlock putter is designed in a 41” setup to promote the most consistent stroke for players that prefer to rest the grip and shaft against their lead forearm.

  • ARMLOCK DESIGN - An armlock setup increases consistency by eliminating any variations in shaft angle through the putting stroke. A longer length and an oversize grip allows the user to rest the grip and shaft against their lead forearm for maximum stability.
  • MULTI-MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION - The design combines a 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge, a 304g steel frame, a 21g aluminum cap, and 30g of tungsten in the heel and toe to provide the highest MOI in a blade shape for maximum stability.
  • 3D PRINTED NYLON INSERT - An intricate 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge structure optimizes the weight distribution within the putter head to create the highest MOI possible for maximum stability.
  • SIK ALUMINUM FACE INSERT - An aluminum face insert features SIK Golf’s proprietary Descending Loft Technology (DLT), which utilizes 4 descending lofts to ensure the most consistent and accurate roll for every style of putting stroke.


ClubHosel TypeToe HangLengthHead WeightLoftLie AngleHand
KING 3D Printed Grandsport-35 ArmlockArmlock Plumber35º41"390g7º, 6º, 5º, 4º72ºRH/LH

Cobra KING 3D Printed Grandsport-35 Armlock Putter

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