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Save Money and Walk the Course More Easily with a Stand Bag

Stands Bags are the most popular and versatile golf bags on the market. If you enjoy walking the golf course, but occasionally like to use a push cart or ride in a golf cart, stand bags are the way to go. This type of bag allows you the flexibility of being a walker or a rider because they can be used on a push cart or golf cart as easily as they are carried. Stand bags can weigh as little as 2.5 lbs, making them a favorite for youth golfers, women, and seniors. Stand Bags are designed today with multiple dividers and pockets, oftentimes mirroring the organization and holding capacity of many cart bags.

Stand bags include additional features that cart bags do not. The two backpack-like straps help to distribute the weight of the golf bag on both shoulders. This is an advantage especially when walking the golf course. The straps take the weight off your shoulders and back, conserving energy throughout the round. The spring-loaded leg system known as the “stand” part of a stand bag keeps the golfer from having to lay the golf bag on the ground when hitting your shot or putting for birdie. The stand is incredibly helpful when there is nothing to prop your bag up, or if the ground is wet and muddy. The ability to stand the bag upright makes it easier to take your clubs in and out of the bag, access pockets, and relieves stress on your back by not having to bend over to pick the bag up off the ground.

Because a stand bag typically weighs less than a cart bag, traveling with your clubs will be much easier, whether you’re driving or flying. If you like the idea of a cart bag but want some of the advantages of a stand bag, check out tour stand bags. Tour stand bags are the heaviest of stand bags but give the golfer all the features of a cart bag with a stand included.

We have affordable golf stand bags for any golfer’s budget. We carry inline stand bags as well as discounted stand bags. Check out our clearance golf bags for hard to beat deals. We offer a variety of designs and colors in men’s and women’s stand bags.