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Callaway Paradym Star Fairway

Light On Weight. Heavy On Performance.

Paradym is creating a complete shift in performance for golfers around the world, from the best players in the game to amateurs of all different skill levels. These game-changing technologies have radically broken the tradeoff between incredible distance and exceptional forgiveness. Now we’re launching all those game-changing technologies in a lightweight design that’s specifically dedicated to moderate swing speed players.

This is Paradym Star, optimized for impressive distance from a powerful, lightweight construction. Every facet of this ultra-premium family is engineered with consistently high launch and easy distance in mind. We’ve combined our most powerful ball speed technologies with premium lightweight components for high launch with more forgiveness.


  • Incredibly Easy to Swing from a Premium Lightweight Design

The Paradym Star fairway wood is designed to be extremely easy to swing. At an overall club weight that is 28 grams lighter than the Paradym fairway wood, moderate swing speed players can maximize swing speed and increase their distance potential.

  • High Launch and Straight Distance

Paradym Star fairway woods are engineered with more loft and more upright lie angles than Paradym fairway woods. The result is a high launch with draw bias to give moderate swing speed players straight distance.

  • Fast Ball Speeds from the Tungsten Speed Cartridge & Jailbreak with Batwing Technology

The Tungsten Speed Cartridge and Jailbreak with Batwing Technology work together to provide fast ball speeds and incredible distance.

  • Premium Lightweight Components

The ultra-premium ATTAS Speed T1100 Shaft is as light as 40 grams, combined with a Winn Dri-Tac Lite grip that’s just 26 grams.

Callaway Paradym Star Fairway

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Callaway Paradym Star Fairway

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