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Wilson Staff Di9 Iron New for 2009

We just got to take a look at the new Wilson Staff DI9 Irons. Wilson really did a nice job upgrading the popular DI7 iron from the previous year. At first glance the DI9 looks similar to the previous model but when you really start comparing you can tell the differences that have the company quite excited. The MOI of the iron is one of the largest in golf. Its 6 iron boasts a 2920 MOI while the nearest competitor is the Cobra S9 which has a 2790. When we gave this club a swing in our indoor facility it really felt soft coming off the face. The sales rep said this is the low durometer urethane medallion that is inside the face. More companies are starting to put these vibration dampening medallions in their irons and it really does make a difference into the softness of the shots coming off the face. I hope this is a trend that continues! The iron continues to have the FatShaft technology which is unique to Wilson. The shaft does provide a little more stability at impact. The price of these irons is the same as last year at $549.95 for a set on a steel shaft. It is a great price compared to many other irons for the similar golfer. I have a feeling this iron will make some noise in the Hot List for 2009.


6 Responses to “Wilson Staff Di9 Iron New for 2009”

  1. Ryan says:

    This set of irons is sure to be a hot seller. I’ve demoed one of these and love the way the ball feels coming off the face. I noticed some great control and improved distance.

  2. Barbara-Jean L. says:

    Is this iron going to be available in a womens flex?

  3. Sam says:

    I can’t seem to find these anywhere online, I guess I will keep checking back for availability.

  4. Roger Anderson says:

    I have seen NOTHING about the Wilson Di9 on any site other than a UK site. Will us Yanks get to see them over here? Or are they solely a UK item?

    Further, I was JUST about to pull the trigger on a set of Ci7’s when these came out. Now, I am thinking that I might buy the Di9 or wait for the Ci9 or 10. I thought that the Di7’s were quite nice, but then every post says that the Di9 is a “great improvement” over the Di7! I am assuming that the Ci9 or 10 would be improved also.

    I suppose if I think that way, I will ALWAYS be waiting the next great item!

  5. Eric says:

    The Di7 irons are a great set at a great great price point. Have done really well selling off of the racks. Anxious to see how the newbies do. A possible hot lister here.

  6. Zeke says:

    I work at Golf USA and have access to EVERY club in stock and can tell you that these Wilson DI9’s have a very HOT face. The ball just jumps right off the face I have put it on our launch monitor and it has given me much higher ball velocity which has equated to distance. Feels like butter coming off the face straight butter. I am fortunate my boss is hooking me up with a free set of these irons I love it.

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