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What are the steps to choose a proper golf ball?

Each individual player’s playing style and nature of the course are two crucial factors that determine the selection of golf equipment and accessories.

Following are the important tips that will help you in choosing a proper golf ball:

  • You may opt for a golf ball, which is made out of two pieces (a cover plus one-piece interior) if you are looking for less movement and more distance on the ball. Terms like ‘low spin’ and ‘extra distance’ are good indicators of a two-piece golf ball. Beginners often make use of two-piece balls with little spin.
  • If you want the golf ball to stop faster on the greens and curve more, look for a three-piece ball. High spin balls tend to fly higher in the air.
  • Some golf balls react to how hard they are hit around the green. Some three- and four-piece balls are so designed that they spin more when hit with higher lofted clubs and spin less when hit with a driver. These factors need to be considered when choosing a golf ball.
  • Another key step  is to buy a sleeve (three to four balls) of various golf balls to meet the type of high spin (more control) or low spin (more forgiveness)you want.

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