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Useful tips for selecting the perfect golf ball

Each golfer has a unique playing style. An individual’s preference along with nature of the course goes into determining the choice of personalized golf accessories. Here are some useful tips for selecting the right golf ball

•    If you want less movement and more distances on it, you may select a golf ball made of two pieces (meaning, a cover and one-piece interior).

•    Terms, such as ‘low spin’ & ‘extra distance’ are fair enough indicators of a two-piece ball. Beginners often employ two-piece golf balls with little spin.

•    Some balls react to the intensity with which they get hit around the course. Some of them – three and four piece type balls – are designed in such a way that they will spin more after being hit with those higher lofted clubs and will spin less when done so with a driver. This aspect should be kept in mind while choosing a ball.

•    If you are looking for a golf ball that stops faster on the greens and tends to curve more, go for a three-piece. High spin golf balls usually fly higher in the air.

•    A key aspect that should not be ignored is buying a sleeve of different golf balls (three to four) to meet the kind of high spin (greater control) or low spin (greater forgiveness) that you are looking for.

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