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7 Tried and True Tips For Beginning Golfers

Tips for beginning golfersThanks to beginner-friendly golfing venues such as TopGolf, the sport is seeing an influx of new players. While activities such as driving the ball into specific targets can give a potential golfer a taste, it doesn’t necessarily set them up for success at the tee.

To try to shed a little light, and encourage our newest golf enthusiasts, we have compiled a series of tried-and-true golf tips that literally ANY golfer can benefit from.

Tip #1 (this may be the most important of all, so if you can only remember one, this is it!)

Keep Your Head Down!!!

Keeping your eyes as firmly planted on the ball as your feet are on the ground. From the backswing all the way down, and into the follow through until it lands (or disappears into the water), your eyes are on the ball.

Tip #2

Get into a solid stance…

…and commit it to memory. Feet shoulder-width apart. Hips square. Posture straight. Completely balanced. Find this stance and be sure you can duplicate it every time you approach the ball.

Tip #3

Practice your correct grip

  1. Draw lines on your glove.
  2. Put the side of the grip against your fingers, with the toe up.
  3. Let the handle rest just under your heel pad and runs to your index finger.
  4. The grip should touch the middle joints of your middle two fingers.
  5. Your right hand should sit over your left thumb.
  6. Hold the club at a 45-degree angle with wrists facing each other and proper grip pressure.

9 tips for beginning golfers






Tip #4

Leave your driver out of play… for now

We know you went out and bought yourself the latest and greatest, fastest, and lightest driver you could find… but most experts recommend that you not use it for at least 18 months. Start with your pitching wedge and master using each club effectively over time before you introduce the driver to your game.


Tip #5

Stick to mostly par 3 courses in the beginning

Allowing yourself to develop as a player, perfecting your grip, your stance, and your swing. Playing “easier”, lower-par courses will give you the confidence you need to master each skill.


Tip #6

Learn how to correctly strike the ball

Even the pros need a little help from time to time, and when they’re not recording their own videos, they’re watching other pros’ how-to videos, hoping to gain a little insight, steal some wisdom, and improve upon what we would all consider pretty darn close to perfect. Watch videos, and practice the tips you’ve learned regularly.

9 tips for beginning golfers








Tip #7

Perfect your swing

Ok, we lied—it’ll never be perfect, but alongside putting, it’s the one thing you’ll always have to work on.

Even Tiger has a swing coach, so don’t think that if you had one good day on the course that you’ve perfected your swing!

Some of our favorite swing tips:

  1. Keep your hands low—The lower you hands and followthrough, the lower the ball flight, and longer the trajectory
  2. Fix the “flip” or early release—Set up a duffel bag full of towels and push the club head into the bag. Set your body into a good impact position with the lead arm and shaft forming one straight, vertical line. Hold this position to learn the “feel”.
  3. Keep the “K”—In your stance, bend slightly forward from the hip sockets and back from the knees. You should be able to draw a line from the top of the spine through the tip of the elbow and then from the tip of your knee down through the ball joint of your foot. Your bent leg creates a “K”, which should be maintained all the way through the swing.
  4. Take the inside path—Your swing path needs to come just slightly from the inside. Practice this using the “Box Drill”. Stand the top half of a golf ball box on its side, aligning it parallel to your desired path. Practice swinging so the shaft passes just over the box without touching it.


Once you’ve mastered everything here, you’re ready for the next nemesis of every golfer… putting. Stay tuned for more tips, and in the meantime, keep golfing!

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