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Trekker TC3 Freestyle Cart

The new Trekker TC3 Freestlye golf cart has already been making some waves in the golf industry.  The Trekker TC3 was recently awarded a Golf Digest Gold Medal in it’s famed Equipment Hot List and was also a huge hit at this year’s PGA show!!!  The cart was developed to ensure a pleasurable walking experience and is easily the lightest, best-rolling, and balanced golf cart on the market.  The TC3 is a push cart and is not designed to be pulled.  Contrary to popular belief, pull carts twist and contort the body and increases stress on both the spine and shoulders.  The TCE Freestyle’s design relieves stress on the body by harnessing the golfer’s full body weight and momentum promoting a better walking posture.  Constructed of high strength aluminum, the TC3 weighs in at a low 14.7 lbs making it one of lightest deluxe golf carts on the market.  The TC3 is constructed on a low, flat reinforced sub frame giving the cart an extremely low center of gravity that promotes equal distribution of weight across the three wheels creating stability and a near perfect, free-rolling ride.  For rough terrain, a folding, direct-link rear axle ensures a smooth ride on even the roughest of terrain.  The wheels and bearings on the TC3 are far better than its competition.  The injection molded, one-piece wheels are built around a high-performance sealed bearing ensuring perfect alignment and reduced roll resistance.  I have a feeling that the new Trekker Tc3 Freestyle cart will be one of the best selling push carts on the market especially since it is priced lower than its competition and is available in a wide variety of colors.

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