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Traveling With Your Golf Gear

Golf clubs can be really heavy. They can create a nuisance if you have to travel with them. You might have a tournament in another city and would thus need to travel with your golf gear. Yes, there is an option for you to rent clubs from the club there. But there is much greater satisfaction in playing with your own clubs. Here are some tips that will help you travel easily.

•    Keep all your golf items like golf gloves, shoes and other accessories together in your golf bag instead of throwing them into the suitcase or other carry on bags.
•    You get special club bags that can be used for traveling. They might seem to be expensive initially but it a good investment if you are looking at long term. They protect your clubs which is most important.
•    You must not carry your clubs in the plane as hand baggage. First because they have size limits and second, they might cause significant safety hazard. So your clubs will have to be checked in with your regular luggage. Thus, investing in a sturdy golf bag is important.

It is better to insure your clubs as there are high chances that they may get lost in transit. You can also press charges against your airline but it is better to be insured.

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