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Tour Sticks Golf Sticks

Step onto any practice range at a professional golf tournament and you will definitely notice these new Tour Sticks Golf Sticks populating the bags of today’s top touring professionals.  The Tour Sticks Golf Sticks are the hottest training aid on the market right now and are an absolute must have for anyone looking to make dramatic changes to their golf game.  Tour Sticks are a portable multi-functional training tool that is used to reinforce the fundamentals of the swing.  Golfers can now work on their swing plane, alignment and aim with the use of one simple tool.  Tour Sticks Golf Sticks are constructed of a high quality durable fiber glass making them lightweight an easy to travel with.  Included with the purchase is two Tour Sticks available in nine different flashy color options and a handy holding tube.  For the price, you will not find a better, more efficient way to better your swing.  There is a reason the world’s best golfers have these in their bag, order your set of Tour Sticks Golf Sticks today!

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