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Tour Edge Exotics XCG Driver Review

Tour Edge Golf has been making some of the best metal woods on the market since the introduction of the Exotics line.  They began this venture by first releasing a fairway wood that blew away the competition. I remember my first range session with the original fairway and I was hitting the three-wood almost as far as my driver.  I couldn’t believe it, the Ti-Cup technology actually worked!  Since that day, I have followed the exotics line very closely and have yet to be disappointed. Tour Edge released an Exotics driver after the success of the original fairway and it too was very good, but I had the feeling it could be improved upon.  Two years later, Tour Edge released the Exotics XCG line and it once again, set the standard for new metal wood technology.  The fairways in this line are very good, however I felt there was very little they could do to improve on the CB2 fairway.  That now brings me to the XCG driver.  Like I said before, the original Exotics fell short of my expectations, however they completely made up for it with the XCG driver.  Engineers at Tour Edge reached a breakthrough and were able to produce an ultra-lightweight magnesium crown, allowing them to place more weight in the sole of the club.  This significantly lowered the center of gravity and heightened the MOI (moment of inertia) which increased ball speed, launched the ball higher with a lower spin rate, and made the driver more forgiving than the previous model.  Like most of the Exotics line, the head is classically styled and the face sets up dead-square.  After a range session with this club, it is everything I wanted in a driver.  It is extremely forgiving and balls rocketed off of the face with a crisp, metallic thwack.  I experienced a 15 yard increase over the Taylormade driver I was playing at the time and after a couple seasons since its release, it is still in my bag.  Independent studies have shown that the XCG produces faster ball speeds than any other club on the market today.  The XCG comes equipped with a very stable Graphite Design X-quad shaft that is fairly low in torque and it can handle everything I throw at it.  The Exotics XCG driver is available in 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees of loft with shaft flex options of stiff and regular.  Don’t miss out on owning one of the best drivers on the market, order one today for a steal of a price!

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  1. Angelo says:

    I have yet to hit a better driver. All my buddies play Taylormade drivers but they do not know what they are missing with this thing. I hit it long, straight, and high. Wish I got mine at this price, I may order another for back up.

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