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Top Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls

Looking for a high performance golf ball without the heavy price tag?  I would give the new Top Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls a try!  The Gamer V2 Golf Balls are a three piece golf ball with softer feel, better distance, and more durability compared to the original Top Flite Gamer ball.  A soft, thin ionomer cover provides tour-like spin and control around the greens and for shots within 100 yards into the green.  The high-resiliency core and the Dupont HPF mantle layer gives players explosive distance off of the tee by increasing the ball speed, optimizing spin rates, all while providing a soft feel.  Top Flite’s dimple in dimple aerodynamics is a new proprietary design uses a unique surface to maintain spin longer throughout flight which allows the ball to hold its line and maintain lift without ballooning into the air.  Many balls in the price point drop out of the sky when they reach the apex however the the dimple in dimple technology does not allow this to happen.  This means more carry yardage and roll for you!  At this price point, I do not think there is a better performing golf ball on the market.  For the average golfer to mid-handicap golfer, the Top Flite Gamer V2 Golf Ball over-delivers in every aspect!

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  1. Reed says:

    I like the original gamer ball quite a bit, I ordered boxes upon boxes from you guys last season and now they are al gone. Perhaps, these new V2 Gamers will fit the bill. It always seems to happen to me, i get used to a golf ball and then they take them off the market, I am still mourning the loss of my beloved Top Flite Aero golf balls. Well, enough crying for me, I’ll go ahead and give these new Gamer V2 balls a try. I’l let you know how I like them!

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