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Tour Edge Exotics XCG 4 Driver

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

It was only a matter of time until Tour Edge jumped on the lightweight driver bandwagon and their new Exotics XCG 4 Driveris just that.  The new XCG 4 is available in two different weight offerings, a superlight 276 gram driver as well as a slightly heavier 310 gram model.  Both clubs are engineered for those looking to increase their clubhead speed, however the 276 gram model will have the greatest amount of impact and it is by far the lightest driver on the market.  This is all made possible by the XCG 4’s advanced head design.  This sleek driver features a heavily radiused sole which allows for a more streamlined, fluid head-shape that minimizes drag throughout the swing.  The titanium face and sole paired with an amorphous carbon crown and sole inserts, free up 40 grams of weight that is positioned low in the head to improve the MOI by more than 15% over the previous XCG offering.  Based on these facts alone, it is safe to assume that the XCG 4 is one long and forgiving driver. But wait, there’s more!  A new patented Boomerang Face maximizes the rebound effect from various points on the the clubface making it more explosive across the entire hitting surface.  We of course cannot talk about lightweight drivers without mention of the shaft and both models of the XCG 4 are paired with two very distinct premium graphite shafts.  The 276 gram model comes stock with a super light-weight Graphite Design Tour AD 46″ shaft and the 310 gram version comes with a premium Fujikura Motore 55 gram shaft.  This impressive driver is available now and is also a 30 Day Test Drive product.