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Tour Edge HT Max-D Custom Package Set

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The new Tour Edge HT Max-D Custom Package Set is the first custom package set on the market!  For the first time ever, golfers can select all the options they want so their complete set can be custom tailored to their needs.  This set is available in Mens,Ladies, and Senior and it is available in both right and left hand.  Included in the set is a driver, 2 fairway woods, 2 hybrids, 6 irons, a putter and a bag however the set makeup is entirely up to you from the driver lofts to the color and style of the golf bag!  Budget Golf has made it very easy to order this custom package set on our website, simply select your options and checkout!

Tour Edge Exotics Proto Wedge

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Check out the new Tour Edge Exotics Proto Wedge that just hit the market!  The Proto Wedge is classically styled and features a tear drop shape with a heel, toe, and trailing edge grind which promotes greater turf interaction.  For added feel and consistency, the Proto wedge is milled from 303 stainless steel and the face is only 1.5mm thick.  The face is then backed by a newly developed thermal plastic elastomer gel that gives the Proto wedge an advanced level of feel that is not commonly found in wedges at this price point.  The Tour Edge Exotics Proto wedge comes equipped with a Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft that has the potential to boost your spin rate by as much as 700 rpm!

Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Fairway Wood

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

The new CB4 Tour Fairway Wood is the 4th generation of the Exotics Fairway wood line and this may be their best effort yet.  I still play the CB2 and it would take an awful lot to get that club out of my bag, however after taking a few swings with the new CB4 that may change.  When compared to the previous Exotics models, the CB4 sports a new dark black finish that inspires confidence at address.  The combination of a 15-3 titanium cup face with a heavier hyper steel body eliminates any unnecessary weight from the face of the club that is then shifted to the rear skirt and sole for a deep center of gravity resulting in explosive distance and a penetrating ball flight.  The CB4 Tour Fairway wood comes stock with the premium Aldila RIP graphite shaft which offers low torque and a stiff tip for increased control and stability.  The CB4 Tour is available in lofts ranging from 13* to 18* of loft and is available to ship now!!!

Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Driver

Monday, March 14th, 2011

With all exciting driver launches this year, it has been difficult to keep tabs on every driver coming to the market.  I know it is already the middle of March, however I feel that the new Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour driver demands some attention.  The CG4 Tour Driver is the fourth tour inspired driver released from Tour Edge and after testing it out in the launch monitor this week, it is their best effort to date.  First off, the stealthy black finish looks great at address and although this trend is slowly being played out, the dark finish on the CB4 Tour just works.  When compared to the previous model, the CB4 offers up some great improvements in terms of playability and feel.  Their patented cup-face technology features a new “Boomerang” face which utilizes varying levels of face thickness that maximize the spring-like effect from more contact points across the hitting surface.  By thickening and thinning the face, these “v-shaped” boomerangs produce a hotter launch on off-center strikes along with enhanced feel and sound at impact.  The center of gravity is also closer to the face in the CB4 for a more penetrating trajectory as well as increased control and workability.  The CB4 Tour also touts a higher MOI when compared to the previous model thanks in large part to the heel and toe rails that shift weight to the perimeter of the clubhead.  The CB4 is equipped with the premium Aldila RIP graphite shafts which feature graphite fibers that are woven in a 45-degee angle on the outside and inside of the tip to increase hoop stiffness for greater shaft stability.  This advanced shaft technology results in lower torque, increased stability, and greater tip control when compared to any other premium shaft on the market.  The new Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour is a true player’s club and if you are a single-digit handicap looking for a new driver, do yourself a favor and check this club out!

Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy Hybrid

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

The new Tour Edge Trilogy lineup looks great and so far we hearing nothing but positive reviews from our customer base.  The new Exotics Trilogy hybrid is getting some great press and it is hard not to see why.  The Trilogy hybrid features a unique sole that delivers exceptional performance from a wide variety of turf conditions.   The sole of the Trilogy has two outer rails as well as one inner rail that will allow players to make great contact regardless of the lie you may find yourself in.  The outer rails help to move mass to the perimeter of the club for enhanced stability, while the inner rail performs much like a rudder and guides the club face into a square position at impact.  A 60 gram internal weight pad lowers the center of gravity for more forgiving shots that fly higher and lad softer on longer approach shots.  The Trilogy Hybrid is offered in a wide variety of lofts and the club is equipped with a premium Graphite Design Tour AD graphite shaft.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG 4 Fairway Wood

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

The new Tour Edge XCG 4 Fairway is the most advanced and sophisticated fairway wood Tour Edge has made to date.  Advancements in weighting technology increases the launch angle for a higher, boring trajectory that increases carry yardage and roll out.  However, these advancements are only the beginning with the XCG4.  The most improved feature of this fairway is the power that it produces thanks to the newly patented Boomerang face technology.  The Boomerang face is constructed of SP700 Beta titanium that includes multiple levels of variable face thickness.  These v-shaped, boomerang zones allow for maximum elongation of the titanium for enhanced feel and maximum rebound effect.  The XCG 4 is paired with a premium Fujikura Motore graphite shaft for unparalleled feel and performance.  Tour Edge has built a monster of a fairway wood here and although it is priced higher than other fairway woods on the market, it is well warranted. 

Tour Edge Exotics XCG 4 Driver

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

It was only a matter of time until Tour Edge jumped on the lightweight driver bandwagon and their new Exotics XCG 4 Driveris just that.  The new XCG 4 is available in two different weight offerings, a superlight 276 gram driver as well as a slightly heavier 310 gram model.  Both clubs are engineered for those looking to increase their clubhead speed, however the 276 gram model will have the greatest amount of impact and it is by far the lightest driver on the market.  This is all made possible by the XCG 4’s advanced head design.  This sleek driver features a heavily radiused sole which allows for a more streamlined, fluid head-shape that minimizes drag throughout the swing.  The titanium face and sole paired with an amorphous carbon crown and sole inserts, free up 40 grams of weight that is positioned low in the head to improve the MOI by more than 15% over the previous XCG offering.  Based on these facts alone, it is safe to assume that the XCG 4 is one long and forgiving driver. But wait, there’s more!  A new patented Boomerang Face maximizes the rebound effect from various points on the the clubface making it more explosive across the entire hitting surface.  We of course cannot talk about lightweight drivers without mention of the shaft and both models of the XCG 4 are paired with two very distinct premium graphite shafts.  The 276 gram model comes stock with a super light-weight Graphite Design Tour AD 46″ shaft and the 310 gram version comes with a premium Fujikura Motore 55 gram shaft.  This impressive driver is available now and is also a 30 Day Test Drive product.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Gold Hybrid

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Tour Edge has been making the JMAX hybrids for quite some time now and thier latest effort may be their best.  The new and improved Tour Edge JMAX Golf Hybrid is forged rather than cast which makes this hybrid feel great at impact and golfers will also notice a higher launch angle due to the two-piece construction.  A forged crown and a hyper steel body maximizes weight distrubution to launch the ball easily into the air.  The forged steel crown is thinner and denser than the previous cast walls which provides a lower center of gravity and also enhances ball speed across the entire hitting surface.  This new JMAX Gold Hybrid is cleary better than any previous JMAX hybrid and if you are worried that the new Gold hybrid will not match your previous models, you have nothing to worry to about since the top lines are nearly identical.  Another great feature of the Jmax Gold is the price!  For $59.95 you would be hard pressed to find a better hybrid. 

Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy Fairway Wood

Friday, September 17th, 2010

The new Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy Fairway Wood is a modern day version of the original Cobra Baffler.  Like the Baffler, the Trilogy Fairway Wood features a large diamond shaped inner railthat perform as rudder that guides the club face into a square position at impact while minimizing divots for easier to hit shots.  This unique sole design also features two outer rails that help stabilize the head at impact for greater shot performance from a wide variety of lies and turf conditions.  These revolutionary diamond rails are not the only modern advancement with this classic club design.  The Trilogy also features CAD frequency analysis technology which measures the natural frequency of a selected part to make it more efficient.  This technology is generally used in car design however with golf clubs, it is used to measure the vibration of the club head.  This allows engineers to measure varying frequencies as the weighting and wall thickness of the head is adjusted and when used in the Trilogy, this means extreme weighting in the sole and walls of the club for maximum power and forgiveness.  Like the previous Exotics models, the Trilogy features the same elliptical variable face thickness which delivers proven forgiveness and distance from more points on the face for longer more accurate shots.  The Exotics Trilogy Fairway Wood comes equipped with a Graphite Design Tour AD 60 shaft and the club is offered in lofts ranging from 13* to 21*. 

Tour Edge Reaction Ladies Full Set

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

For years, Tour Edge has created a name for themselves for producing value-based golf clubs for the average golfer and the new 2010 Tour Edge Reaction Ladies Full Set carries on that tradition.  The Reaction Ladies set is specifically designed with the woman golfer in mind and each club has been specifically made to meet that need.  This full package set features a lightweight, high-lofted, over-sized 460 c.c. titanium driver with a high MOI (moment of inertia) which means more carry yardage, distance, and more forgiveness for you. (more…)