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Adams Tom Watson Black Nickel Wedge

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Once again, Adams Golf continues to impress me!  The Tom Watson Black Nickel Wedges have been in the shop for the past couple months and often times they get overlooked.  No, they do not say Vokey on them, nor do they look like a CG15, but they shouldn’t and in my opinion, they look a lot better!  These wedges demand respect and I think you would be crazy to not give these a go for the price alone.  At $69.95, you would be pretty hard pressed to find a better performing wedge on the market.  The Watson Black Nickel wedges are classically shaped and feature a grind and shape that was heavily influenced by Tom Watson, one of the best wedge players of all time.  These wedges have a deep center of gravity for a controlled flight and the black nickel finish minimizes glare at address.  Generous sole widths help prevent the wedges from digging into the turf and the moderate trailing edge and heel grinds make the wedges more versatile from tight lies and sand.  The Adams Tom Watson Black Nickel Wedges are available in 11 different loft/bounce combinations and are only available in right hand.