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Titleist Vokey SM4 Black Nickel Wedge

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Titleist’s new Vokey Design SM4 wedges set to launch next week feature a similar shape to the previous version however they do feature a few modern improvements.  First off,  the toe is squarer which makes the top appear thinner at address and improves the overall look of the wedge. Besides this slight aesthetic change, the grooves of the SM4 wedges have been re-engineered and the scoreline space has been tightened up with the addition of more grooves.  Unlike any other cast wedge on the market, the impact area of the Vokey SM4 wedges have been heat treated for improved durability.  Once again, these Vokeys are offered in three distinct finishes and we have found the black nickel to be the most popular in terms of performance, looks, and durability.  The Vokey SM4 Black Nickel wedges are offered in a wide variety of loft and grind options that have been perfected on the professional tours over the last ten years.