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Odyssey Limited Edition Protype PT 10 Putter

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

The new Odyssey Protype Limited Edition PT 10 putter has been development over the last couple of years on tour and for a limited time, the public will have the opputunity to own this very unique putter.  Originally designed for Ernie Els, the PT 10 is a classic Odyssey design with a few modern touches that make this putter appealing to the better player.  For starters, the PT 10 is milled from select 1025 carbon steel and features a deep black PVD finish that is very durable and helps to reduce glare.  A deeper milling pattern increases interaction between the face and the ball resulting in truer, more consistent roll.  When compared to other “anser” style heads on the market, the PT 10 has a thinner top line and a hosel position that is closer to the face for increased feel and a cleaner look at address.  A single sight line rounds out the look and gives players a subtle alignment aid.  I just put this putter in my bag last Thursday and I cannot wait to give it a go.  It sets up perfect and in my opinion, it is the best looking and feeling heel-toe weighted blade on the market.  When compared to other carbon putters in my arsenal, I found the PT 10 to have a crisp feel and sound at impact and after one quick practice session, my distance control was greatly improved.  For those in the market for a new flat stick that is bit differnt than the rest, check the Protype PT 10 out before it is too late! 

Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #1 Putter

Monday, January 31st, 2011

The Odyssey Black Series Tour Design Putters are designed for the above average golfer that wants tour level performance on the greens.  The Black Series Tour Design #1 putter is a heel shafted, heel-toe weighted blade putter with a wide flange and full shaft offset. This tour-inspired design sports a sleek black PVD (physical vapor deposition) finish that frames the ball nicely at address giving players added confidence where it matter most.  Besides its stunning appearance, the Tour Design #1 putter features Advanced Roll Technology (A.R.T.) as well as a TD Milled Face.  A.R.T. achieves truer roll by utilizing a multi-material design.  A urethane dampening layer is subtly placed between the 1025 carbon steel head and the milled tungsten flange.  The end result is a lower, deeper center of gravity for quicker and truer roll.  The TD Milled Face has a precise pattern of deep mill marks that generates consistent impact performance for better feel and distance control.  The Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #1 Putter is available mid-February, pre-order your new putter from Budgetgolf.com today!

Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T. Putter

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Odyssey is known for their cutting edge putter design and the new White Ice D.A.R.T. putter offers the latest in alignment technology. D.A.R.T. is an acronym for “direction and realignment technology” and it promotes proper alignment in a two-step process in which your eyes align the putter to the target and then can realign using the point at which the D.A.R.T. design merges with the center of the golf ball.  This technology promotes better alignment on the target line and helps ensure proper contact on the center of the face for better distance control.  For 2011, the White Ice insert has been refined for enhanced sound, responsiveness, resiliency, and consistency.  The inner core of the insert 19% firmer for enhanced feel and it is 92% stiffer for durability and consistency.  The surface of the face has also been roughened to improve the sound at impact and increase the friction between the face and the ball to promote forward roll.  As if all this technology wasn’t enough, the White Ice D.A.R.T. also features adjustable weight technology to personalize the putter to a player’s personal preference.  A dark nickel finish gives the putter a premium, glare-free finish that inspires confidence at address.  The White Ice D.A.R.T. will be available towards the middle of February, pre-order your new putter from budgetgolf.com today!

Odyssey Ti-HOT #2 Putter

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The original Odyssey Tri-Hot series has always been one of my favorite putters, and in my opinion, it is still one of their best offerings to date.  This November, Odyssey is releasing an updated version that will please any Tri-Hot enthusiast.  The new and improved Odyssey Ti-HOT #2  is a limited edition putter that is milled from pure titanium which provides a softer feel than steel and has a pleasing sound and responsive feel at impact.  The precision milled head has a deeper, sharper milling pattern for better face interaction which results in a truer roll, better feel, and more consistency.  Like the original Tri-Hot design, this limited version also features tungsten weights in the heel and toe of the putter head to help stabilize the head at impact.  These weights increase the MOI and also lower the center of gravity to promote a quicker forward roll.  There are only 1250 of these fine putters available, be sure to place your pre-order before they all sell out!

Odyssey Prototype PT82 Putter

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Want the putter that Phil used to conquer Augusta?  Well now is your chance!  This November, Odyssey is releasing the Prototype PT 82 Putter and it is pretty much identical to Phil Mickelson’s own putter.  This putter is the pretty much the same design as his gamer and features the same White Ice Insert, sleek styling, as well as the milled tungsten insert that is placed behind the face.  The White Ice insert is fine tuned to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency, and consistency.  The inner core of the White Ice Insert is 19.6% firmer to enhance the feel and 92% stiffer to increase the resiliency which helps golfers with distance control.  The surface of the insert is also rougher than the previous designs by Odyssey.  The rough texture enhances the sound of the ball coming off of the face and also promotes better roll by increasing the friction between the ball and the clubface.  Behind the insert lies a milled tungsten insert that ensures precise weight and feel and was placed there to meet the demands of one of the games greatest players.  Besides the technology within this classic little blade, perhaps the most exciting feature is the way it looks.  The PT 82 is classically styled and in my opinion, is one of the best looking heel-shafted blades on the market.  The dark finish frames the ball nicely at address and there is only one single sight line to aid with alignment.  The PT 82 Putter will be available to ship in mid-November, order yours today!

Odyssey BackStryke Marxman Putter

Friday, April 16th, 2010

What happens when you take two revolutionary putter design concepts and mix them together?  Well, you get one heck of a putter!!!  The original Oddysey Marxman putter is one of the highest MOI putters on the market and Odyssey felt that they could make this putter even better by incorporating their new BackStryke technology.  The new Odyssey BackStryke Marxman Putter may be their most forgiving putter they have made to date!  Unlike most putters on the market, the Backstryke putter is balanced on the axis of the putting stroke which helps promote a more fluid, stable stroke path. (more…)

Odyssey BackStryke Blade Putter

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Finally, a putter that is designed to not only make more putts but also improve your actual putting stroke!  Once again, Odyssey has released another ground breaking product with the release of their new BackStryke Putter Line.  Unlike all other putters on the market, the BackStryke Putters are balanced on the axis of the putting stroke rather than the putter itself.  I find this concept intriguing and I am most excited for the BackStryke Blade Putter.  The BackStryke Blade is designed after the popular 2 Ball Blade Putter and still features the 2 ball alignment aid as well as the white hot insert, however the shaft has been moved towards the back end of the head in the middle of the 2nd alignment ball. (more…)

Odyssey Black Series Tour #4 Putter

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Designed with input from Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson, the new Odyssey Black Series line of putters are the real deal and some of the finest putters on the market.  The Black Series Tour #4 features a scalloped out, rounded heel-tooe flanged blade with a crank neck hosel with full shaft offset.  This timeless head shape is slightly reminisient of the old Ping B60, a classic putter that still holds a loyal following. (more…)

Odyssey Black Series Tour #6 Putter

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Spring is finally here and I cannot wait to hit the links!  I have tried numerous putters over the off season and there is one series I keep going back to, the Odyssey Black Tour Series.  These putters are simply amazing.  They are crafted of the finest materials and I can tell after rolling a few putts that Odyssey really did their homework with this entire line of putters.  I have already reviewed the #9 model, but after spending some time with the #6 the last few days, I am beginning to change my mind.  This is my new favorite model. (more…)

Odyssey Black Series Tour #9 Putter

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Already a favorite on tour and also a Golf Digest 2010 Gold Medal Award Winner, the new Odyssey Black Series Tour Putters are the real deal!  The Black Series Tour #9 Putter is designed after the model made popular by the tour’s favorite lefty, Phil Mickelson.  Odyssey saw a need to bring this putter to the masses and after months of input from Phil and other various touring professionals, Odyssey engineered one of the finest putters in the game. (more…)