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Odyssey Prototype PT82 Putter

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Want the putter that Phil used to conquer Augusta?  Well now is your chance!  This November, Odyssey is releasing the Prototype PT 82 Putter and it is pretty much identical to Phil Mickelson’s own putter.  This putter is the pretty much the same design as his gamer and features the same White Ice Insert, sleek styling, as well as the milled tungsten insert that is placed behind the face.  The White Ice insert is fine tuned to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency, and consistency.  The inner core of the White Ice Insert is 19.6% firmer to enhance the feel and 92% stiffer to increase the resiliency which helps golfers with distance control.  The surface of the insert is also rougher than the previous designs by Odyssey.  The rough texture enhances the sound of the ball coming off of the face and also promotes better roll by increasing the friction between the ball and the clubface.  Behind the insert lies a milled tungsten insert that ensures precise weight and feel and was placed there to meet the demands of one of the games greatest players.  Besides the technology within this classic little blade, perhaps the most exciting feature is the way it looks.  The PT 82 is classically styled and in my opinion, is one of the best looking heel-shafted blades on the market.  The dark finish frames the ball nicely at address and there is only one single sight line to aid with alignment.  The PT 82 Putter will be available to ship in mid-November, order yours today!