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Nike VR PRO Limited Edition Fairway Wood

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Nike’s new Limited Edition VR PRO woods are slated to hit the door in November and we expect the demand for them to be very high!  This limited run of woods is sure to be a hit and it is the 3rd generation of the Victory Red lineup. Thankfully, Nike dropped the Str8-Fit option from this year’s VR line which will once again give these clubs a more traditional feel and look at address.  However after hitting a demo fairway wood that our rep dropped off, it was clear that the performance was far from traditional.  The ball exploded off of the forged titanium face and produced a very high, yet flat trajectory that was easy to control.  The VR Pro Limited Edition Fairway Wood comes stock with a Diamana Ahina graphite shaft and the club is offered in 15* and 19*.  Pre-book this limited edition fairway wood for a mid-November delivery date!

Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Driver

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Nike makes some of the most underrated products on the market and hopefully this year they will get some of the credit they deserve!  I’ll admit that I am not a fan of their Straight-fit Technology and it never belonged on their VR Tour Driver.  Nike wised up this fall and decided to leave behind the adjustable technology and put out a driver that flat out performs!  The new VR Pro limited edition driver is a classic pear shaped driver head that is designed to offer tour level distance and workability.  The VR Pro features Nike’s patented Compression Channel technology for a heightened MOI and explosive ball speeds across the entire hitting surface.  The driver is offered in 8.5*, 9.5*, and 10.5* and comes equipped with a a Mitsubishi Diamana Ahina graphite shaft.  The VR Pro Limited Edition driver is set to ship in early November and as the name states, quantities will be limited!

Nike Dunk NG Golf Shoes

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Saddle shoes have their place, but so do the new Nike Dunk NG golf shoes.  The Dunk NG golf shoe is one of the few street style golf shoes that carries a two year waterproof warranty and comes equipped with tri-lock Scorpion Stinger Spikes.  The Dunk NG is offered in a wide variety of colors and sizes and we expect demand to be very high so pre-order your pair today!!!

Nike Golf Tour Flat Brim Hat

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Anthony Kim has been rocking the Nike Tour Flat Brim Hat all year and now it’s your turn!  They just hit the door and we have them in every available color and size!  Check em’ out!

Nike EverClear E11 Putter

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

If you are in the market for a new flat stick and don’t want to spend a small fortune, I highly recommend checking out the new Nike Everclear Putters.  The Everclear line is a group of well made of classic looking putters that feature a firm polymer insert for enhanced feel and distance control.  Besides outstanding feel, perhaps the greatest feature of the Everclear putters is how they look!  These putters are plated in a unique silver finish that helps to reduce glare and inspire confidence at address.  The Everclear E11 Putter is pretty much your basic Anser style putter however the Everclear has much more weighting in both the heel and toe for an increased MOI and an enhanced alignment aid makes it easier to line up to the target line.  It is tough to find a putter under $100 that putts and looks this good, order your new putter today!!! 

Nike Method Core MC-3i Putter

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Check out this new Method Core MC-3i Putter from Nike!  The Method Core series offers the same technology as the original Method putters however the Method Core does ring in at about $100 less.   The Method Core MC-3i is a heel-toe weighted putter with a plumber’s neck, similar in size and shape to the famed Ping Anser.  The original Method putter did not have an insert however the Method Core combines soft polymer and milled steel grooves to generate fast, quicker, and truer roll at the moment of impact.  This insert also eliminates backspin which can cause the ball to skid and hop off of the intended line.  The Nike Method Core MC-3i is available now and will ship UPS Ground for FREE!!!

Nike VR Pro Combo Irons

Monday, February 28th, 2011

There have been some very exciting club launches this season and to be honest, I overlooked a few sets of irons that demand some attention.  This year, Nike finally released the iron set they should have released about 5 years ago.  The new VR Pro Combo iron set is a throwback to a previous prototype model that was released in limited quantities and were circulated around the professional tours and golf equipment forums however this version has a few modern refinements.  The VR Pro Combo is a progressive set that flows naturally from blades in the short irons to slight cavity backs in the longer irons.  This set does feature progressive offset however the amount is very small and somewhat unnoticeable but it should help you square up in the longer irons.  A squared off toe, a sharp leading edge, and thin top lines make the VR Pro Combo look stunning at address.  Perhaps the greatest feature of VR Pro Combo irons would be the X3X high frequency groove design.  In an effort to combat the USGA Groove Rule, Nike decided to simply add more grooves for increased spin as well as added consistency and control.  The VR Pro Combo irons also utilize Nike’s new forging process which helps to create a more uniform feel throughout the set.  For those that want a premium forged iron that sets up beautifully and plays as good as they look, check the new VR Pro Combo irons out!

Nike VR PRO Irons

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Check out the new Nike VR PRO Irons that just hit our shelves at Budget Golf.  The Nike VR PRO iron set is a mid-sived cavity back iron that is designed to offer better than average golfers increased distance and greater accuracy.  A newly patented Opti-Mas weighting system features a high-density tungsten-resin insert for targeted center of gravity placement throughout the set which results in explosive distance.  This advanced insert technology also allows the center of gravity to move gradually and consistently throughout each club in the set for optimal launch and distance control.  The VR PRO irons are equipped with True Temper Dynalite 110 steel shafts and Golf Pride VP Tour Velvet grips.

Nike 20XI X Golf Ball

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Check out the hottest golf ball on the tour this year.  Every Nike staff player has made the switch and even non-Nike players are gaming this ball.  The new Nike 20XI X golf ball was created in an effort to combat the new USGA Groove Rule that went into play last season.  This high-performance golf ball features a new RZN (resin) core that increases spin off of the irons and wedges however it has the reverse effect off the tee adding distance and carry to your drives.  Golfers will appreciate the increased ball speed moments after impact as well as greater control thanks to a higher MOI than any Nike golf ball ever created.  This ball will hit the market this April, pre-order a few dozen from Budgetgolf.com today!

Nike 20XI S Golf Ball

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Check out the ball the Nike staff players have been raving about!  The new 20XI S Golf Ball is the latest high performance golf ball from Nike and it is designed for the better player that demands the ultimate in feel, spin, and distance.  A new RZN (resin) core will give golfers greater distance and control from both the tee and fairway.  This new core increases the amount of initial velocity at the moment of impact for enhanced ball speed and it also has a higher MOI when compared to the previous model.  This enhanced control is Nike’s way of combating the current USGA groove rule and so far reports are showing that they are winning the fight.  Tiger and Anthony Kim are playing variations of this ball as well as numerous other Nike staff players.  Be the first to play the 20XI S golf ball in April, pre-order a few dozen today from Budgetgolf.com!!!