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Laser Link Quick Shot Rangefinder

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

For those who play courses equipped with Laser Link reflectors, be sure to check out the new Laser Link Quick Shot Rangefinder.  The Laser Link Quick Shot is the easiest and most accurate solution to finding the exact yardages to the pin.  The Quick Shot is the only point-and-shoot style rangefinder on the market.  Not only does this make it infinitely easier to use with greater accuracy, you also wont have to remove your hat or sunglasses to use it.  The Quick Shot also features multiple feedback settings including a vibration mode that notifies you when you are locked in silently so you do not disturb your playing partners.  The patented red-dot alignment system makes finding your target easy and the large LCD screen makes the yardage easy to see.  My only complaint is that the Laser Link Quick Shot Rangefinder must be used in conjunction with the Laser Light reflectors so I am having a hard time seeing where this model fits in with their current product lineup.  The Laser Link Red Hot works at any course and it can be had for not too much more money.