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Taylormade Spider Ghost Putter

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Finally, the putter we have all been waiting for!  The Taylormade Spider Ghost Putter that has been circulating the tours for the last few months will soon hit the shelves.  The Taylormade Spider Ghost Putter is an updated, “ghosted” version of their original spider design.  For those unfamiliar with the Spider putter, the concept behind them is pretty simple.  Sixty-five percent of all golfers are not square to their intended target line within 12 feet of the hole.  The square shape and high MOI design helps to both hide and improve these imperfections.  The white finish stands out against the green grass making it much easier to tell if the putter is aligned properly.  For a custom fit, the Ghost Spider features moveable weight technology so players can adjust the head weight of their putters based on their personal preferences or the speed of the greens.  The new and improved Pure Roll insert gets the ball moving towards the hole quicker and truer when compared to last year’s AGSI insert.  This putter was recently used by Y.E. Yang at this year’s US Open and was also used to post the lowest total score ever by an Augusta first timer at the Master’s Tournament.  The Spider Ghost Putters are set to arrive early next week, pre-book your new putter today!

Taylormade Corza Ghost Center Shaft Putter

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Taylormade has re-designed their popular Ghost putters this season and not only did they drop the Rossa name, they changed the AGSI insert for a new surlyn Pure Roll insert that is slight firmer and promotes a truer roll.  The Corza Ghost Center Shaft putter features a mid-sized mallet head with the golf ball alignment hole as well as a single sight line in order to effortlessly line up putts.  I’ll have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of the white finish, but lately I have grown to love it!  The Taylormade Corza Ghost Center Shaft putters are in stock and ready to ship!!!

Taylormade Ghost Tour Fontana

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

This year’s Ghost series is the second generation of Ghost Putters and boy am I glad they dropped the Rossa name from the lineup.  As much as they wanted the Rossa name to develop like Odyssey did for Callaway, it simply wasn’t working.  That is not to say that the Rossa putters were not very good, they were, and in fact the Kia Ma Rossa putters rival anything that Scotty Cameron has made in the last few years.  But, the Rossa name was confusing to customers and who really wants to market such a long product name such as, “Taylormade Rossa Ghost Tour Fontana.”  So, Taylormade dropped the Rossa name, ditched the famed the AGSI insert and simplified their lineup.  The new Ghost putters feature Taylormade’s newly patented Titallium Pure Roll insert which provides a firmer feel and a truer roll than the AGSI and the gray insert also looks a lot more natural against the Ghost white finish.  The Ghost Tour Fontana is a heel shafted mallet putter that is easy to square up and boasts three alignment aids on the back flange.  We just got these putters in and they are ready to ship!!!

Taylormade Corza Ghost Putter

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The design of the new Taylormade Corza Ghost Putter is simple: Create a putter that is super easy to square up to the intended line.  Engineers at Taylormade took that notion and created one of the most talked about and sought after putters on the market today!  By working closely with experts in the field of color, Taylormade designed a putter that helps alleviate the strain on your eyes when looking at the top line.  The color white is said to have a calming effect on the nervous system that helps inspire confidence where golfers need it most. Besides being a moral boost for that swinging downhill ten-footer, the Ghost finish compliments the golf ball and stands out against the bright green grass which allows golfers to better see the line and whether they are square to it or not.   For additional help with alignment, the two outer black top lines are the exact width of a golf ball and the center line is in the exact middle making it way easier to see where the face is aiming.  Simply square up the ball within those lines and you ready to roll.  The elevated crown flows seamlessly with the top of the putter face giving the top line even more definition.  As if the three black top lines were not enough, the Corza Ghost also has a circular hole at the rear of the putter head that works harmoniously with the three alignment aids.  This hole is the exact size of a golf ball and creates a vivid secondary alignment aid that gives golfers the confidence that their aim is true to the target.  As with all putters in the Ghost lineup, The Corza Ghost features Taylormade’s patented AGSI+ Titallium insert for a truer roll and near perfect sound and feel.  The Taylormade Corza Ghost Putter is available now and qualifies for FREE UPS GROUND shipping!