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Cleveland 588 Satin Tour Issued Wedge

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Check out this unreal deal!  For a limited time Budget Golf is offering authentic tour issued Cleveland 588 Wedges!  The Cleveland 588s are one of the most played wedges on tour and for many of the games best will not even consider using anything else.  The classic shape and versatile design gives the wedge incredible playability from a wide variety of lies and turf conditions.  These tour issued 588s are unique because the grinds and lofts offered on tour are not offered to the general public and will help advanced players fine tune their short game.  I highly suggest taking advantage of this rare opportunity to own a few PGA Tour Issued wedges, order yourself a set today!!!

Cleveland 588 Gunmetal Tour Issued Wedges

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

For a limited time, Budget Golf is offering an incredible deal on Cleveland 588 Gunmetal Wedges that are straight off of the PGA Tour van!  These tour issued 588 wedges are some of the hardest wedges to find, especially brand new and here is your chance to own them in a wide variety of lofts and grinds.  The Cleveland 588 wedges are a classic wedge and are the most recognizable and most played wedge in the game.  The Gunmetal finish frames the ball nicely at address and the dark finish also reduces the amount of glare. (more…)