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Cleveland CG Black Iron Set

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Check out Cleveland’s new CG Black Iron Set!  The CG Black iron is the latest game improvement club from Cleveland and it has the potential to be their best selling iron yet!  Designed with the mid to high-handicap golfer in mind, the CG  Black boasts a very low COG and a high MOI for increased forgiveness.  A titanium club face increases balls speeds across the entire hitting surface which is a feature that is most commonly found in iron sets well over $1,000!  The CG Black Iron Set is set to hit the door any day now, pre-order your set today!

Cleveland CG1 Tour Irons

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

If you are under the assumption that blades cannot be forgiving, think again.  The new Cleveland CG1 Tour Irons are the most forgiving blade Cleveland has ever produced.  The CG1 Tours are designed for consistent ball striking offering a level of forgiveness that has yet to be seen from a blade design.  These irons feature a split cavity design in the long and mid irons for added versatility and forgiveness however they still maintain that classic look from address.  The short irons are pure blades with a higher center of gravity for tighter distance control and increased feel in the scoring zone.  In an effort to combat the new Groove Rule put in place by the USGA, the CG1 Tour irons feature Cleveland’s patented laser milled Tour Zip Grooves.  For those unfamiliar with Cleveland’s Zip grooves, each face features four perfectly calibrated texture lines milled between each groove that exactly match the conforming face roughness limit. This technology maximizes the ball-to-face friction level giving golfers a tremendous amount of spin on approach shots.  Order your set of Cleveland CG1 Tour Irons today and receive FREE UPS Ground Shipping anywhere in the lower 48!!!

Cleveland CG16 Tour Irons

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

So far, Cleveland’s new product line for 2011 has been a bit lackluster with the exception of the Mashie Hybrid as well as the CG16 irons and wedges.  Last week we were lucky enough to get our hands on the new Cleveland CG16 Tour irons and I walked away fairly impressed.  As usual, the irons are not earth shatteringly different than the previous models, but the CG16 does look and feel more refined.  This player’s set is designed for the golfer who demands solid feel, accuracy, and workability without sacrificing too much forgiveness.  After a few swings in the net, it was evident that the CG16 encompasses all of these attributes.  The cavity is quite modest however it is undercut which improves ball speed, distance on mis-hits, and accuracy.   The tour-inspired shape promotes confidence at address with its progressive offset and cog location, thin top-line, and dark glare-free finish.  As good as this club may appear and perform, my only complaint is that it is not forged.  For some reason (most likely cost), Cleveland has steered away from making forged clubs and I think they are doing themselves a dis-service.  The games best players want the best, and let’s face it, forged irons simply feel better!  In an increasingly competitive market, Cleveland needs to show up to the gunfight with a little more than a pocket knife.  On the other hand, the Cg16 is still a great performing iron and to Cleveland’s credit, their castings are quite good.  The CG16 Tour irons will be available for shipment mid-February.

Cleveland CG Gold Black Irons

Monday, July 12th, 2010

For the budget conscious golfer, the folks at Cleveland have just launched a new game improvement iron, the CG Gold Black!!!  The new Cleveland CG Gold Black Iron Set is a high quality, cavity back iron set that is high on performance yet low in price.  The CG Gold Black is for players of all abilities and boasts a very low center of gravity for shots that fly high and land soft. (more…)

Cleveland CG7 Tour Black Pearl Iron Review

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Already a hit on tour, these Golf Digest Hot List Silver Medal award winning Cleveland CG7 Tour Black Pearl Irons are one of the best looking player’s irons on the market.  Designed with the better player in mind, the Cleveland CG7 Tour Black Pearl Irons are a compact shallow cavity back iron with minimal offset and thin top lines.  Due to the new USGA Groove Rule, Cleveland decided to push the envelope a bit and incorporated the same Laser Milled Groove Technology that they applied to their 2010 wedge lineup. (more…)

Cleveland HB3 Iron Set

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The wait is finally over, the new Cleveland HB3 Iron Set is finally here!  This highly anticipated iron launch has answered the question, “Where is the 2010 replacement to the Hibore Irons?”  Well, the HB3 is it!!!  The new HB3 irons are designed with the average to high-handicap golfer in mind and like the ever popular Hibore Irons of the past, this third generation hibore iron offers extreme forgiveness, distance, and playability.  Similar to the rest of the Cleveland’s 2010 lineup, the HB3s are designed to be very lightweight and the HB3 is the lightest iron set Cleveland has created. (more…)

Cleveland CG Gold Iron Review

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

One of the most underrated iron sets is the Cleveland CG Gold irons. The CG Gold is an all ability iron set and can compliment any golfer’s game. The irons allow for maximum forgiveness and feel from anywhere on the course. (more…)

Cleveland CG7 Iron Review

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

The New Cleveland CG7 Irons are coming out and I had a chance to hit them on our launch monitor. At first glance it is very eye appealing with its classic look with a little tech behind it. (more…)