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Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

Monday, January 30th, 2012

I just got back from the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida this weekend and besides the Taylormade RocketBallz Fairway Wood, the hottest new product at the show was Callaway’s new Razr Fit Driver!  The Razr Fit is the 2nd generation of Razr drivers and it is Callaway’s first ever adjustable driver!  Already a Golf Medal winner and Product of the Year in this year’s Golf Digest Hot List, the Razr Fit features Callaway’s patented OptiFit Technology which allows players to adjust both the face angle and either draw or neutral weighting.  I was very impressed with the OptiFit technology and unlike many adjustable drivers in the market, the hosel looks very natural and the club looks great in the address position.  One of the reason that Callaway held off so long on bringing a fully adjustable driver to the market was that the engineers felt that the additional weight of the hosel negatively impacts the performance of the clubhead.  Thanks to Callaway’s lightweight, yet durable forged composite material, engineers at Callaway were able to provide the best of both of worlds!  This forged composite material in the crown of the clubhead is lighter and stronger than titanium and allows for precision thickness control to optimize the center of gravity.  For added forgiveness, the Razr Fit incorporates Speed Frame face technology in order to create a large sweet spot that generates high ball speeds for long, consistent distance.  The Razr Fit driver comes equipped with a premium Aldila RIP NV Shaft and the driver is offered in lofts ranging from 8.5* to 11.5*.  Overall, I think that the Razr Fit is the best driver Callaway has ever produced and I expect this model to be one of the best selling drivers of 2012!

Callaway Diablo Octane Rangefinder

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Check out Callaway’s new Diablo Octane Rangefinder!  The Diablo Octane Rangefinder is the updated version of the popular LR550.  It provides quick and accurate measurement up to 550 yards and features Nikon’s newly patented First Target Priority Mode for greater ease of use.  New handy features include folding rubber eye cups for long eye relief, multi-coated optics, an easy to use focusing diopter, as well as a new Slim-Stratic sleeve that utilizes an independent bag clip that stabilizes to the eyelet of the rangefinder.  A built in carabiner allows for easy access with all walking bags or cart bags and if you happen to be caught in the rain, do not worry, the Diablo Octane Rangefinder is fully waterproof!  The Callaway Diablo Octane rangefinder is available now and would make a great holiday gift!

Callaway Razr XF Iron Set

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Callaway has dropped the Diablo line for 2012 and decided to focus on their Razr lineup.   Since the Razr irons were so successful, they decided to release a premium Razr iron this fall.  The new Razr XF Iron set is designed with the highest level of forgiveness and overall appearance.  The Razr XF is Callaway’s first multi-material design since the Fusion irons and provide all the technology Callaway has to offer in terms of playability and feel.  I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the Razr XF last week and I was very impressed with the dark finish and clean appearance at address.  They boast a higher MOI than the original Razr iron and they also deliver faster ball speeds across the entire hitting surface.  The Razr XF Iron set is available in 5 iron through pitching wedge or 6 iron through sand wedge and are offered in both right and left hand.  The Razr XF Irons will begin shipping on October 14th and we expect the demand to be quite high so pre-order your new set today!

Callaway Razr X Muscleback Irons

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Designed by Roger Cleveland, the new Callaway Razr X Muscleback Irons are a design that will surely stand the test of time.  These irons are formerly known as the X-Forged Prototypes, and Callaway decided to not change the design one bit.  The only difference between the X-Prototypes and the Razr X musclebacks is the Razr X logo and that is fine by me!  From address, these musclebacks set up prefectly.  They feature a thin topline and sole and a squared off toe that frames the ball wonderfully.  The thin soles with a moderate leading edge grind glide through the turf effortlessly making them very versatile from a wide variety of turf conditions.  Besides being extremely playable, perhaps the best thing about the Razr X muscleback irons is the feel.  I have hit some of the best forgings from Japan and these irons are right up there in terms of feel and even slight miss-hits feel buttery smooth.  Rifle Project X iron shats come stock in the Razr X musclebacks and the set is available in both right and left hand. 

Callaway Diablo Octane Black Tour Driver

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The white driver thing is cool and all but Callaway’s stealthy Diablo Octane Black Tour Driver is stunning!  I am personally not a huge fan of the white driver phenomenon that has taken the golf world by storm this season.  I tend to gravitate towards the all black finishes and the new Octane Black is best one I have seen so far.  With the exception of the finish and shaft option, the Octane Tour Black is the same as the standard Octane Tour Driver.  Unlike many of the all black finishes on the market, Callaway’s PVD finish comes from a high tech process that produces a distinctive non-glare finish that will not reflect back at you when you address the ball on sunny days.   The Diablo Octane Tour Driver is only offered in 9.5* of loft and will be available for a limited time only so take advantage now! 

Callaway Solaire Golf Ball Promotion!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

For a limited time, you can purchase 2 dozen Callaway Solaire Golf Balls for only $35!!!  The Solaire Golf Ball is designed to perform ideally for golfers with slower swing speeds.  The soft core offers increased carry yardage and roll out when compared to other golf balls in it’s class.  This low compression core also gives the ball a superior feel off of the club face as well as shot stopping control around the greens.  Since the Solaire was created with the ladies in mind, the ball is available in two distinct finishes including a pearlescent white and high-visibility pink.  Take advantage of this great offer now before it is too late!

Callaway UPRO MX GPS

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

If you have yet to jump on the GPS bandwagon, the new Callaway UPRO MX GPS may push you over the edge!  The UPRO MX is the latest GPS unit from Callaway and it is by far their best effort yet.  Perhaps the greatest feature of the MX is the price.  For just under $200 you get one of the most accurate and feature filled GPS units on the market today.  The MX is pre-loaded with over 25,000 courses from Callaway’s global database and can be easily accessed in both basic and go-mode.  The MX has a touch-screen and is about the size and weight of a modern cell phone.  The virtual green view displays distances to the green as well as the surrounding areas.  This device also features a Pro Mode model where golfers can download hi-res aerial imagery of their course and giving players a handy fly-over feature to scope out the entire hole before teeing off.  Basic mode and Go-mode are included with the purchase of the unit however the performance of the Pro-Mode is available for an additional fee.  The Callaway UPRO MX GPS is available mid-May but we are taking pre-orders now because we are expecting the demand to be quite high.

Callaway HX Diablo Golf Balls

Monday, March 7th, 2011

If you want the perfect combination of excellent distance and feel, check out the new Callaway HX Diablo Golf Balls.  I have long been a fan of Callaway golf balls and I generally find that their budget friendly ball lineup usually over delivers on performance.  Hopefully, the HX Diablo will continue this trend.  The HX Diablo features a proprietary core that is highly resilient at a very soft compression which increases ball velocity for increased distance while still maintaining a very soft feel.  A thin ionomer cover helps to reduce spin off of the tee and increases responsiveness on shorter shots as well as on the putting surface.  This Diablo ball also features Callaway’s HEX technology which replaces conventional dimples with hexagonal shaped ones which helps to reduce drag and produce a more penetrating ball flight.  Ringing at under $20, I think you would be hard pressed to find another golf ball with these performance attributes.  Order a few dozen Callaway HX Diablo Golf Balls today!

Callaway RAZR X Combo Steel Irons

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

If you want the best Callaway has to offer this season, check out the new RAZR X Combo Steel Iron Set.  This killer combo set is designed for the high-handicap player that could use a little extra help with the long irons.  Instead of a traditional 3 nad 4 iron, the RAZR X Combo set features two very forgiving hybrid clubs that flow seamlessly into the traditional irons.  The hybrids feature a radisued sole for versatility from any lie and lightweight construction allowed for more weight to be placed low and back in the clubhead for increased carry yardage.  For the traditional irons, Callaway’s RAZR technology is a breakthrough in iron design.  This club delivers distance and accuracy while still maintaining a good look from address as well as moderate sole width for better turf interaction.  The patented RAZR Technology shifts the center of gravity 12% lower and 15% deeper in the clubhead for more shot-making power and increased forgiveness on off-center strikes.  The famed VFT Power System is used in the RAZR X to maximize ball speed by precisely positioning the center of gravity for each individual iron.  For anyone looking to upgrade their set for something more versatile, I would definitely give these irons a try this season!  We have already taken many pre-orders for this set, treat yourself today at Budgetgolf.com!!!

Callaway RAZR X Irons

Monday, January 31st, 2011

If you want the ultimate performance iron designed to take your game to the next level, definitely check out the new Callaway RAZR X Irons.  The new RAZR X Irons are designed for the average golfer who wants a club that is forgiving and long without sacrificing playability and looks.  The RAZR X Iron is the first iron of its kind that will encompass all of these attributes.  Callaway’s RAZR technology is a breakthrough in iron design.  This club delivers distance and accuracy while still maintaining a good look from address as well as moderate sole width for better turf interaction.  The patented RAZR Technology shifts the center of gravity 12% lower and 15% deeper in the clubhead for more shot-making power and increased forgiveness on off-center strikes.  The famed VFT Power System is used in the RAZR X to maximize ball speed by precisely positioning the center of gravity for each individual iron.  We have already taken quite a few pre-orders for this iron set and it is not hard to see why.  The clubs look great from all angles and they are loaded with technology to improve your iron game.  Golf Digest awarded the RAZR X Irons a Gold Medal in this year’s Hot List and we have also seen this club in play on all professional tours.