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Bridgestone xFIXx Golf Balls

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Bridgestone is making great strides in the highly competitive golf ball wars.  And although they will never have the market share that Titleist has, I have a feeling that will eventually become a close second.  Their original golf ball lineup was geared towards more advanced golfers however over the years, they are trying to bridge that gap by providing high performance golf balls for a wide variety of players.  The Treosoft was their first value priced ball and like the rest of their products, it received good reviews but it did not fully compete with other comparable balls on the market in terms of sales and marketability.  Hopefully, that will now change with the introduction of the xFIXx golf ball.  The xFIXx ball is designed for the recreational golfer that wants more distance while still providing a soft feel at impact as well as a soft approach.  The patented low compression core with gradational technology provides the ideal deformation at impact for high launching shots with reduced back and side spin.  The feel and spin of the golf ball is improved by the newly formulated Ionomercover material that is soft as well as durable.  For $20, I do not think you will find a higher performing golf ball.  After trying out a sleeve of the xFIXx it was clear to me that Bridgestone is here to stay and in time they will narrow the gap with their competitors.