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Bridgestone J40 430 Driver

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

For those that prefer a smaller driver, Bridgestone’s new J40 430 Driver will surely fit the bill.  The J40 430 is designed with the purist in mind and features a classic pear-shaped head with a square to open face angle in the address position.  This driver produces a low, penetrating ball flight and is geared for stronger, high-spin players.  While this driver is a bit harder to handle than it’s bigger brother, the J40 445, the J40 430 is still plenty forgiving thanks in large part to a stainless steel weight located in the heel of the club for an optimized COG location resulting in a higher MOI.  The J40 430 is offered in 8.5* and 9.5* degrees of loft is only available in right hand.  The stock shaft is a premium Project X graphite shaft for maximum control and power however other shafts are available through their extensive custom department.  The J40 430 will ship mid-October, pre-book your new driver today!

Bridgestone J40 445 Driver

Monday, September 19th, 2011

We are very excited to carry Bridgestone’s entire J40 line and we expect the J40 445 Driver to be the sleeper driver of the year!  The J40 445 is reminiscent of their previous J33 460 however this model is easier to hit higher and longer!  This classic, pear shaped driver head is crafted of 6-4 titanium and features a thin crown as well as thin wall construction which allows more weight to be placed along the perimeter of the club head for a a higher MOI and greater ball speeds across the entire hitting surface.  For an optimized low spin rate and a high launch angle, a stainless steel weight was placed in the heel of the club to help draw weight away from the face and lower in the head.  Rifle’s Project X graphite shaft is the stock option for the J40 however a wide variety of shafts are available through Bridgestone’s custom department.  The J40 445 is offered in lofts ranging from 9.5* to 12* and is only offered in right hand.