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Adams Speedline 4G Driver

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

This years current driver battles has been centered around who can make the lightest driver on the market.  Taylormade’s Burner Superfast took the early lead however they were quickly outdone by Cleveland’s DST driver.  It is now September and although they are a little late to the party, Adams has released a driver that puts both the Taylormade and Cleveland driver to shame.  The new Adams Speedline 4G is their latest installment to the popular Speedline series and this is by far the lightest of the bunch.  Weighing in at a mere 282 grams, the 4G is the lightest driver on the market and will most likely hold this title for the remainder of the season.  Adams is very proud of this number and they even boast the breakdown on their website:

Besides being extremely lightweight, the 4G is also very aerodynamic and was Adams was able to reduce the the amount of drag created by 15% compared to the previous Speedline driver.  Pair that with an increased MOI and you have a driver with distance gains avergaging 10-15 yards while still offering plenty of forgiveness that the Speedline series has been know for.  If you were not impressed with the Taylormade’s or Cleveland’s lightweight driver offerings, I would definitely check out the new Adams Speedline 4G!!!