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Cleveland 588 Forged Wedges

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

The Cleveland 588 wedges are the gold standard by which all other wedges over the last 20 years have been judged.  That is why many golfers were left scratching their heads when Cleveland dropped this famous wedge from their lineup and many were forced to look elsewhere for their replacement wedges.  Cleveland wised up and this fall, they are re-releasing the 588 with a few modern improvements that will hopefully bring back their “#1 wedge in golf” status.  When compared to the previous model, the biggest difference is that the new 588 is FORGED!!!  These wedges are forged from select 1025 carbon steel and deliver incredibly soft, yet solid feel which is commonly sought by the game’s best players.  Other advancements include Cleveland’s patented Tour Zip Grooves which provide concise and optimal surface roughness for maximum spin and control.  The Cleveland 588 Forged Wedges come equipped with one of the best wedge shafts ever made, the True Temper Tour Concept and it features a less active tip section and provides a penetrating ball flight, superior feel, and optimal distance control.  We expect the 588 Forged Wedges to be our best selling wedge next year!