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Swing Glove Review

It is alive and back! The training aid that was a very popular item the last few years has reappeared like the old rabbit out of the hat trick! The Swing Glove has been reintroduced and is already creating the buzz it once owned. This has been one of the most popular training devices among male and female golfers. It is a glove that will help keep your wrists from breaking and allowing for a better, more natural swing. The Swing Glove will help correct fundamental problems and looks just like a basic golf glove. The Swing Glove keeps you in the proper swing plane every time you swing the club and keeps your wrist straight using the built in hinge inside of the glove. The Swing Glove is sure to continue to pull the rabbit out of the hat and regain the high levels of popularity it once had!

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  1. rob says:

    glad to hear! this was a great product to have! thanks guys!!

  2. Gary says:

    This is a great item!! thanks for the source guys!

  3. willie says:

    great thing to have! thanks so much guys!

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