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Swing Glove Review

Tired of wasting your money on golf training aids that do not lower your scores?  Then you should try the Swing Glove, this product really works. At first I was bit skeptical, but after using one for a long practice session, my ball ball striking improved greatly.  Many golfers struggle with maintaining their wrist angle at the top of the swing simply because they do not know what the correct position feels like.  The Swing glove fixes that problem.  The breakdown of the wrist causes many problems including the dreadful flying right elbow, the very common “over the top” move, and perhaps the most famous, the “Banana Ball.”  Due to the innovative hinged-plate on the back of the wrist, your wrists will not break down and it will help keep the club in the correct plane creating smoother, more consistent shots.  Unlike many training aids, the Swing Glove looks like a normal golf glove and is made of a quality leather so you can use the Swing Glove for practice as well as normal play.  So if you want to improve your ball striking and start lowering your scores, go ahead and give the Swing Glove a try.  You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Marsha says:

    I love my Swing Glove! My whole golfing group wears them and we have all improved a few shots since we started playing with them. No more banana balls for me !

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