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Strength Training In Golf

If you are interested in hitting the ball farther and ensure that you do not have any injury, then you must follow a proper golf strength training program. All golfers want to finish the 18 holes. But almost none of them think about strength training. If you are a novice, then a proper golf strength training program will help you improve your game to a great extent. It also prevents any kind of injuries or aches resulting from wrong swings. Even for senior players, it is never too late to start a strength training session.

This early stage of a golf strength training program highlights the basic stability exercises. It uses light weights along with high repetitions. The best time to perform this phase of around six to eight weeks would be during the off-season. The next task is to develop strength as well as power and prepare for the competitive season. In this phase, the intensity of the exercises is more. However, if you are already suffering from any kind of muscle injury then you must avoid training till your pain gets cured. Always take the advice of an expert before deciding on any kind of training.

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