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Putting Cyclops

Finally, a putting trainer that is designed to help you keep your head in place.  The new Putting Cyclops is a unique putting aid that can be adapted to both right and left handed players and the device will accommodate a wide variety of putting strokes.  The Putting Cyclops was designed by LPGA Tour players looking to find a way to keep their head in place throughout the entire putting stroke.  A common mistake that most golfers have is that they tend to directly watch the putter head or look at it in their peripheral vision.  This causes you to take your eye off of the ball and the movement of your head will often make you open or close the putter head causing your ball to roll offline.  The Putting Cyclops will help you rid the distraction of the putter head and will help keep your head in still and in place.  Over time your muscle memory will build and your mind will be programmed to concentrate on just the vision of the putt.  I was able to test the Putting Cyclops in our shop after hours and within an hour, I started seeing results. I often move my head during the stroke and I was finally able to just focus on the ball.  The Putting Cyclops is now one of my favorite putting aids on the market and is in my permanent practice arsenal.  If you are struggling with your putting, I highly suggest giving the Putting Cyclops a try.

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