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Ping G15 Hybrid

Once again, Ping has kept quiet over their new product launch.  Equipment enthusiasts and the ever-growing golf forums have been buzzing over the new Ping product line, the G15 and I15 series. Both the G15 and I15 line of clubs features a new driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and a set of irons.  The G15 caters to mid and high handicaps and I15 series is geared more towards the better player.  However, the new G15 hybrid, in my opinion, falls between both lines.  The G15 hybrid is engineered as a high-launching, forgiving alternative to long and mid-irons.  Ping engineers added a large internal toe pad that expanded the perimeter weighting, making it the most forgiving hybrid Ping has ever released.  From address, this hybrid looks more like an iron and the longer hosel positions the center of gravity closer to the face, which will increase the launch angle and lower the spin rate.  Another added benefit of the longer hosel is that it will make this club easier to fit, since the lie angle can now be adjusted.  Unlike some hybrids, this club inspires pure confidence at address.  I am very excited about Ping’s new product line, especially the G15 hybrid! Stay tuned for more info and blogs about Ping’s new G15 and I15 line of clubs.

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  1. Charlie says:

    I just placed the pre-order. Ping has finally made a hybrid that sets up well to my eye!

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