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Nike Slingshot Irons

The new Nike Slingshot Irons deliver maximum forgiveness and distance thanks to new weight management technology.  Engineers at Nike were able to move more weight low and far back in the club head which creates a larger sweetspot and a deeper center of gravity that exists in the space created behind the club face and the patented PowerBow on the back of the head. This technology helps promote a high-launching ball flight that flies straight and true to the intended path.  The Nike Slingshot set is comprised of a 3 hybrid and the rest of the set is a traditional iron design and the transition between the 3 hybrid and 4 iron is very natural.  The 3 hybrid is equipped with a premium Nike Slingshot graphite shaft and the 4-sw are shafted with Suic Steel Shafts.  The Nike Slingshot irons are perfect for the average golfer looking looking to bring their game to the next level.  Pre-order your new set today for a March 1st ship date!!!

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  1. Ronald J. Hancock says:

    these do not look too much different than the original slingshot irons. I think I’ll stick with my trusty slingshots of old. technology hasnt changed that much has it?

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