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Nike One Vapor Speed Golf Balls

Nike has finally launched a high performance golf ball that is designed for the average golfer.  The new Nike One Vapor Speed golf ball features a newly reformulated core to increase ball speed and optimize aerodynamics for maximum distance swing speeds under 105 mph.  Besides enhanced flight characteristics, the Nike One Speed Vapor’s blended Ionomer construction provides a golfers with great feel at impact and a solid sound and feel off of the putter.  In the highly competitive golf ball market, Nike has a definite advantage with the Nike One Vapor Speed due to the cost and performance of this golf ball.  At the $25 price point, I think golfers would be hard pressed to find a better golf ball.  I was able to play this ball for the past two weeks and in terms of feel, ball speed, and overall distance, the Nike One Vapor Speed outperformed the Bridgestone and Titleist Balls I usually play.  If you are looking to broaden your golf ball horizons, I highly suggest giving the Nike One Vapor Speed Golf Ball a try!

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