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Left-handed Golf

Golf can be played with your left hand as it can be played with your right hand. A golfer needs to shift his weight to his left foot to use his left side and his right arm in order to bring the club down and through the ball. A good golfer must be able to swing on both sides. However, an average person was either largely predominantly right-handed or mostly predominantly left-handed. Medical science also proves the fact. In fact all of us have a latent talent to be ambidextrous. But how much we utilize the talent remains to be seen.

Certain simple exercises can sure the situation. The younger you start training, the easier it is for you to become ambidextrous. If you have a good coach, then it is easier for you to learn to use both your hands successfully.  Once you master the art of swinging with both your hands, you can be successful in almost any games. The process may be tiresome but if you can get over the rigors, you will emerge a winner. So no matter how long you have been playing the game, it is never too late to learn new things.

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