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Improving your Golf grip

There are different schools of opinion on how you should grip your golf club. But there are very few people who will actually provide an explanation as to why they are holding it that way. The grip is important because it controls the clubface. If you have a tendency to slice the golf ball, then you need to make sure that both your palms are facing each other. If you have propensity to hook the golf ball, then you need to move both the hands to the left and see no knuckles on your left hand.

If you grip the golf too tightly then the golf ball will have an inclination to go off to the right. If you grip it too lightly, then the golf ball will tend to go to the left. You must not grip the golf club so tightly that your knuckles become white. You need to hold it as if you are holding a tube of cream. Do not put in extra effort to grip. Just go with the flow.


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